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  Automated Quantification of Gradient Defined Features

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


{OCEANS 2008, VOLS 1-4}, {IEEE}, p.{499-502} (0)




{We present the summary and application of a new MATLAB/GIS technique for the quantification of gradient defined features in submarine environments. The technique utilizes MATLAB scripts to convert bathymetry data into a gradient dataset, produce gradient maps, and most importantly, automate the process of defining and characterizing gradient defined features such as flows, faults, landslide scarps, folds, valleys, and ridges. The features are defined according to strict gradient threshold criteria that are quantifiable and reproducible. The technique also calculates volumes of features with irregular surface boundaries, as well as other calculations such as vertical and horizontal lengths, underlying slopes, slope corrected distal edge thickness, yield strength, etc. The technique can also be used in non-topographic applications that have gradient data such as temperature gradients, nutrient densities, etc.}


{OCEANS 2008 Conference, Quebec City, CANADA, SEP 15-18, 2008}