Chemical characterization | INSTITUT DE PHYSIQUE DU GLOBE DE PARIS


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  Chemical characterization

• Several plasma-source mass spectrometers (HR-ICP-MS, ICP-QMS, ICP-AES) used to measure the concentrations of chemical elements in a wide range (ppm to < ppt) and as nanoparticles.

• A segmented continuous-flow colorimeter used to determine nutrient contents.

• An organic elemental analyser to measure CHNS contents.


Organic Elemental Analyzer CHNS Flash 2000 ThermoScientific

Manager: Emmanuelle Raimbault

Continuous-flow colorimeter QuAAtro Axflow

Manager: Emmanuelle Raimbault



HR-ICP-MS Element II ThermoScientific

Manager: Mickaël Tharaud

ICP-OES iCAP6200 ThermoScientific

Manager: Laure Cordier


ICP-QMS 7900 Agilent

Manager: Pierre Burckel