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The Doctoral School of Earth Sciences offers training in research, doctoral level in three fundamental disciplines of Geochemistry, Geophysics and Earth Sciences , Environment and Planets .

The Graduate School has approximately 130 PhD students, with an annual flow of more than 30 doctors a quarter of foreign students.

It includes doctoral student Internal Earth , interactions between water - air and internal envelopes, terrestrial natural hazards ( volcanoes , earthquakes , landslides ) , the history of the Earth and the solar system the Planets but also more applied issues such as storage of C02 , pollution of water and soil , geophysical prospecting .

The Graduate School aims to register the thesis as a natural transition between university education and the world of work.

Animating and organizing the three years of the PhD , the main objectives of the Graduate School are :

  • ensure the smooth running of the thesis and be an intermediary between the student and the supervisor
  • enable students to build a professional network (seminars, visiting professors , national and international congresses , conferences PhD students , meeting with businesses, etc. )
  • allow doctoral students to think about their future and training for acquiring skills that will enable them to pursue their careers in the trades private or public search or outside research.
  • allow doctoral students to acquire a general knowledge of Earth Sciences and Global Environment and acquire intellectual flexibility that allows them to adapt to changes in knowledge and techniques. For this, the Graduate School takes advantage of the multiple disciplines that are studied in the research teams associated with it .

Professional integration is mainly in the fields of Research and Education in the French and foreign universities and research organizations EPST and EPIC (CNRS , IRD, IRSN , ADEME , CEA, BRGM) . 20% of doctors are part of companies Geophysics ( Oil, Gas, Water) in risk assessment ...