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Cosmochemistry, Astrophysics and Experimental Geophysics

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Mineral Physics Meets Experimental Petrology
Friday 12 June 2015
Amphithéâtre IPGP 1, rue Jussieu, 75005 Paris

9h00 Coffee/Welcome

  • 9h05 Eiji Ohtani (Tohoku U.) - Transport and storage of volatiles in the lower mantle and core
  • 9h50 John Brodholt (UCL) - Core composition and layering from first principles
  • 10h20 James Badro (IPGP, CNRS) - Inner-Core Boundary density constraints on core composition

10h45 Coffee Break

  • 11h00 Daniele Antonangeli (UPMC, CNRS) - Toward a mineral physics reference model for the Moon's core
  • 11h30 Alexander Schubnel (ENS, CNRS) - Intermediate and Deep (nano)-Earthquakes in the Laboratory
  • 12h00 Mathieu Roskosz (Univ. Lille) - Iron isotopes as a probe of planetary differentiation – experimental and spectroscopic determination of isotopic fractionation factors

12h45 Lunch

  • 14h00 Andrew Berry (ANU) - The oxidation state of metals in silicate melts
  • 14h45 Nicole Métrich (IPGP, CNRS) - XANES tracking of magma redox state - Inference on the sulfur degassing budget
  • 15h15 Rick Ryerson (LLNL) - Disequilibrium isotopic fractionation – diffusion and crystal growth

16h00 Coffee Break

  • 16h15 Paolo Sossi (IPGP) - Liquidus Temperatures of Komatiites and the Effect of Cooling Rate on Element Partitioning between Olivine and Komatiitic Melt
  • 16h45 Bertrand Guillot (UPMC, CNRS) - An atomistic simulation insight into properties of magmatic liquids
  • 17h15 Daniel R. Neuville (IPGP, CNRS) - Viscosity of silicate melts: a key to understand the structure of melts

17h45 Farewell