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Geological fluid dynamics

  Neutrino Geoscience 2015 Conference

Monday 15 June 2015 to Wednesday 17 June 2015
Institut de physique du globe de Paris

The sixth Neutrino Geoscience international conference will be held in Paris, France, from Monday June 15 (morning) to Wednesday June 17 (afternoon) 2015, at the IPGP.

Purpose of the workshop
Workshop Site
Accommodation & workshop dinner
Important Dates and Deadlines
Previous conferences
Preliminary Conference Schedule
Participants list


First Circular
If you intend to participate in the conference, please fill the form available here
(A limited number of slots are available for talks but there will a poster hall)


Purpose of the workshop

Anti-neutrinos emitted from radioactive isotopes inside the Earth, geo-neutrinos, bring unique and direct information about the Earth’s interior and thermal dynamics.  ”Neutrino Geoscience” has provided a new tool to study the Earth, and furthered connections between geophysics, geochemistry and neutrino physics communities.  The purpose of this conference is to share the latest achievements and efforts and foster an understanding of the shared science interests of both communities.

To stay as lively as in the previous editions, we would like to limit the number of invited participants to 80 persons maximum. We kindly ask you to register at your earliest convenience.

Workshop Site

The Neutrino Geoscience 2015 conference will be held at Institut de physique du globe de Paris. To get some details on how to reach the institute, see here (Îlot Cuvier).

Accommodation & workshop dinner

You can find here a list of nearby hotels. Please contact directly any of the hotels, and be aware that hotel rooms may be difficult to find if not booked in advance.

The Workshop dinner will be held on the Tuesday 16 evening downtown Paris.  We will let you know further details later. Participants will have to pay for their own dinner.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Deadline for registration: May 15 2015


International Advisory Committee:

  • Bill McDonnough (University of Maryland)
  • Hiroko Watanabe (Tohoku University)
  • Mark Chen (Queens University)
  • Fabio Mantovani (INFN and University of Ferrara)
  • Livia Ludhova (INFN)
  • Stephen Dye (Hawaii Pacific University)
  • Claude Jaupart (IPGP)
  • Thierry Lasserre (CEA Saclay & APC)

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Claude Jaupart (IPGP)
  • Thierry Lasserre (CEA Saclay & APC)
  • Romain Roncin (APC)
  • Alessandra Tonazzo (APC)
  • Stephen Dye (Hawaii Pacific University)


Previous conferences:


Preliminary Conference Schedule


Monday June 15


Session on Neutrinos & Geosciences

10:00WelcomeClaude Jaupart (IPGP, France) & Th. Lasserre (CEA, France)
10:15Introduction to Geosciences for Particle physicits: an overviewJames Badro (IPGP, France)
10:45Introduction to Neutrinos for Geoscientists: an overviewThierry Lasserre (CEA, Irfu  SPP & APC)
11:15What can we learn by combining neutrinos physics and geosciences?Bill Mc Donough (University of Maryland, USA)


Session on Current Status of Neutrino physics and Geosciences

13:45Models for the composition of the EarthAlbrecht Hofmann (Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Germany)
14:10Collisional Erosional model for the EarthPaolo Sossi, (IPGP, France)
14:35Borexino Geoneutrino ResultsOleg Smirnov (JINR, Russia)
15:05Coffee break  
15:35KamLAND Geoneutrino ResultsTadao Mitsui (Research Center for Neutrino Science, Tohoku University, Japan)
16:00Local refined Earth model for KamLAND geo-neutrino analysisNozomu Takeuchi (ERI, University of Tokyo, Japan)
16:20Hano-HanoSteve Dye (Hawaii, USA)
16:45K-40 geoneutrinosMark Chen (Qeens University, Canada)
17:10Towards Neutrino GeologyAndrzej Drukier




Tuesday June 16


Geosciences Technical session

09:30Nature and origin of what's in the deep mantleStéphane Labrosse (ENS Lyon, France)
09:55Core and mantle heat fluxHenri-Claude Nataf (ISTerre, CNRS, France)
10:20Coffee break 


Geoneutrinos Fluxes & Spectra

10:45Reactor Neutrino Flux and SpectraPatrick Huber (Virginia Tech, USA)
11:10World-map of reactor neutrino fluxMarica Baldoncini (University of Ferrara, Italy)
11:35Variances and covariances of geoneutrino signalsEligio Lisi (INFN, Italy)


Geosciences Technical Session

13:30What's in the core?Fréderic Moynier  (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France)
13:55Conductivity and energetics of the coreDario Alfe (UCL, UK)
14:20Accretion, Heat Production and Noble GasesAlex Halliday (Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division, UK)
14:45Coffee break 


Future Geoneutrino Detections session

15:10SNO+Joachim Rose (University of Liverpool, UK)
15:35Local refined Earth model for SNO+ geo-neutrino analysisJean Claude Mareschal (GEOTOP, Univ of Quebec, Montreal)
15:55Local refined Earth model for JUNO geo-neutrino analysisVirginia Strati (University of Ferrara - INFN, Italy)
16:15JUNOLivia Ludhova (INFN, Italy)
18:00English lecture at the Planetarium of the Palais de la découverteParticipants must enter in the Palais de la découverte before 18:00 (doors closing)
20:45Conference dinnerDowntown Paris




Wednesday June 17


Session on Neutrino Directionality and Tomorgaphy

09:30Neutrino Directionality Latest ResultsHector Gomez (APC Laboratory, France)
09:55Neutrino Directionality with Large Liquid Scintillator DetectorVincent Fischer (CEA, France)
10:20Neutrino Oscillation TomorgaphyCarsten Rott (SKKU, South Korea)
10:45Coffee break 


Geosciences Technical Session

11:15Uranium and Thorium Contents of the Continental Crust: a Global AnalysisClaude Jaupart (IPGP)
11:40Seismological reference models of the MantleArwen Deuss, (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
12:05Magmas in the deep MantleRazvan Caracas (CNRS, ENS  Lyon, France)
12:30Metal-silicate partitioning of K, U, and Th and heat sources in the planetary coreEiji Othani (Tohoku University, Japan)


Concluding Session

14:00Geoneutrino detection techniques and background: the challengesSandra Zavatarelli (INFN, Italy)
14:30Geo-neutrinos: combined KamLAND and Borexino analysis, and futureStephen Dye (Hawaii Pacific University)
15:00Concluding remarks & discussionBill Mc Donough, Claude Jaupart, Thierry Lasserre
16:30Coffee break 
17:30End of the conference 


Participants list

You can find the list of participants here.


Claude Jaupart,

Thierry Lasserre,