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Research Departments

Stable isotope geochemistry

  Analysis of carbonate clumped isotopes compositions ∆47

Scientific coordinator:  Magali Bonifacie




The analysis of the ∆47 of carbonates consists in the measurement of the overabundance of the 13C–18O chemical bounds (relative to a stochastic distribution) in gaseous CO2 produced via acid digestion of carbonates. The abundance of the 13C–18O bounds inside the carbonate lattice increases at low temperature and only depends on their temperature of crystallization or equilibration, thus providing a reliable paleo-thermometer.



Field of research and associated publications

- Refinement of the accuracy of the ∆47 thermometer and of its interpretationnal foundations (Bonifacie et al., 2017, Katz et al., 2017, Mangenot et al., 2017, Dassié et al., 2018, Pettersen et al., 2019, Bernasconi et al., 2021, Anderson et al., 2021, Huntington et al., 2011)

- Carbonate diagenesis (Bristow et al., 2011, Mangenot et al., 2017, Mangenot et al., 2018 a and b, Pagel et al., 2018, Bennet et al., 2018, Dassié et al., 2018, Fay-Gomord et al., 2018, Brigaud et al. 2020, Loyd et al., 2015, Kirschvink et al. 2015)

- Biomineralization (Katz et al., 2017, Thaler et al., 2020)


- High temperature clumped isotope thermometry (Bristow et al., 2011, Bonifacie et al. 2017, Mangenot et al., 2019)




Analytical performance

Since 2013, we are routinely analyzing any type of carbonate (calcite, aragonite, dolomite…) with a precision better than ±0.014‰ (1 SD for 3 replicates). Each analysis requires 5 mg of carbonate powder. The measurement of ∆47 is performed using a Thermo MAT 253 mass spectrometer after CO2 extraction via H3PO4 digestion of carbonates, and purification of CO2 on vacuum line.




List of publications

* Publication with data out of the IPGP laboratory
Student supervised
# Community papers




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In 2017 we have co-organized the VIth International Clumped Isotope Workshop at IPGP