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Stable isotope geochemistry


The ANR Dziani project is funded for 4 years ( 2014-2017 ) by the National Research Agency (ANR), Magali Ader, a member of our team being the project leader. This project involves twenty researchers from at least five French laboratories. The three main (partners ) are IPG-Paris, the laboratory of ecology of marine and coastal ecosystems (ECOSYM ) and the Paris Museum of Natural History (MNHN). This project aims to characterise geochemically and biologically a volcanic crater lake on the island of Petite Terre the archipelago of Mayotte, Dziani Dzaha.


The Dziani Dzaha presents a set of unique characteristics that make it a unique object and with striking similarities with what would have characterised some ecosystems in our remote history of the Earth, and more specifically Paleoproterozoic .

The most complete characterization of the lake including its mineralogical, chemical and isotopic signatures of the water, its sediment and microbialites will bring new insights both in understanding laws governing the environments and ecosystems in general, and therefore those the past of the Earth, and our ability to decrypt messages stored in old sedimentary rocks.





Here is the web site of the project ( and two short videos (3 to 4 minutes each).

One describing the general objective of our project with images based on April and october 2014  field expeditions
In english :
and in french :

One focussing on the October 2014 field expedition.
French version :
French version with english subtitles :