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Stable isotope geochemistry

  Isotope characterisation of metabolic-induced carbonatation

This project corresponds to Task 3 of the Research Program on the CO2 Geological Storage, a partnership between IPGP, Total, Schlumberger and ADEME.

Its aim is to clarify the probably undervalued (if not neglected ) role of subsurface microbial organisms in increasing the reactivity of CO2 stored in geological reservoirs. In order to assess its impact on the efficiency of CO2 geological storage, it is essential to characterize its contributions to be more predictive and quantititative. The aim of this work consiste in using stable isotope characterisation of subsurface microbial carbonation.

For this we perform experiments to constrain microbial biomineralization-related isotopic fractionation of carbon and oxygen isotopes associated with subsurface metabolisms (especially those potentially present in the CO2 storage sites).