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The Institut de physique du globe de Paris is governed by different authorities, in keeping with its status as a world-renowned independent public research and higher education institution:

• The Executive Board, whose members are elected for a period of 3 years, decides on the general policy of the institution.


• The Scientific Board, whose members are also elected for a 3-year period, suggests the general directions of development for research policy to the Executive Board.


• The joint committee which is consulted on the individual decisions concerning staff members ITA.


• Missions of the health and safety commission:
- managing occupational risk assessment
- drafting a prevention program
- collaborating on preventive actions (occupational health and security trainings)
- collecting hazardous waste
- coordinating the network of assistants in prevention technique
- welcoming entrants
- advising department and laboratory heads toward risk assessment and occupational risk prevention
- organizing preventive visits in laboratories and departments


Created by the N°90-269 decree of March 21st, 1990, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP) is a great establishment of the Ministry for Higher education and Research, subjected to the provisions of the law n° 84-52 of the 1/26/1984.
The IPGP is in charge of certified departments of observation in volcanology, seismology, magnetism, gravimetry and erosion and it maintains observatories permanent in Guadeloupe, Martinique, on the island of Réunion and in Chambon-la-Forêt. The Directorate, the laboratories and the engineering services of the IPGP are sheltered within the main building street Vat, buildings of the Paris-Diderot University on the level of the Campus Paris Rive Gauche and Parc de St Maur.
As a member of COMUE University Sorbonne Paris-Cité, the IPGP is associated with CNRS as a mixed research unit (UMR 7154), and a mixed service unit (UMS 3454), which is in charge of common services and the various sites of the establishment.


Leadership Team :
The Leadership Team of the IPGP includes the Director (Marc Chaussidon) assisted by an assistant editor for research (Gauthier Hulot).), of an director-assistant teaching (François Métivier), of an assistant editor observatories (Anne Le Friant) and of a chief executive officer of the services (Mr. A. Charlot). The monitoring committee relies on three authorities: 1) Executive Board who is guaranteeing of the general policy of the establishment and vote the accounts; 2) a Scientific Board, consulted on the orientations of the policy of research, and 3) a council of unit interns with the establishment.



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