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  International relations at IPGP

International relations office :

  • Jean-Paul Montagner, Deputy Director of International Relations,
  • Lydie Guillerot, International Visitor Bureau,
  • Sylvie Larousse, secretary.
  • In collaboration with the Teaching Department and the Doctoral School.

Contact :


L'institut de physique du globe de Paris (IPGP) est l'une des principales institutions mondiales dans le domaine des sciences de la Terre, des planètes et de l'environnement. Les objectifs du bureau des relations internationales sont d'accroître l'influence scientifique et la visibilité de l'IPGP dans le monde, ainsi que son attractivité pour les meilleurs scientifiques et étudiants. Les relations internationales sont, par essence, transversales et présentes dans la plupart des activités de l'IPGP, dans la recherche, sur terre, en mer et dans l'espace, dans l'observation et la formation. Elles joueront un rôle fondamental dans la future Université de Paris.

The Institut de physique du globe de Paris (IPGP) is one of the leading institutions worldwide in Earth, planetary and environment sciences. The objectives of the office of international relations are to increase the scientific influence of IPG-Paris in the world, its visibility and attractivity for the best scientists and students. International relations are, by essence, transverse, present in most activities of IPGP, in research, on land, at sea and in space, in observation and education. They will play a fundamental role in the future Université de Paris.


Promoting  International Research Projects

At the international level, IPGP has developed close relationships with top-level research and academic institutions all around the world in order to develop joint scientific programmes serving the ambition of our institute to investigate and to understand how our planet works at all spatial and temporal scales.

Scientific projects are, most of the time, based on individual initiatives and OIR supports collaborations involving several groups of key institutions. In addition to individual projects lead by IPGP members, specific cooperative programs with leading institutions in the world are carried out in almost all continents. Their operation, the maintenance of instruments and networks on the field is secured by MOUs (memorandum of understanding) or official agreements with numerous foreign institutions. For implementing the global monitoring networks of seismic, volcanic, gravity and magnetic activities, partners have developed several close collaborations with local institutions. For example, IPGP participates to several global monitoring systems of seismic activity through GEOSCOPE, and of the magnetic field (InterMagnet).

An important task of OIR is the coordination of the invitation program of foreign professors and scientists. For example, more than 50 professors or researchers have been invited during the academic year 2017-2018. The invited professors efficiently contribute to joint scientific projects and exchange of students.


Attracting the best students to the IPGP

So far, foreign students contribute for one third of theses prepared at IPGP. And one of the primary objective of IPGP is to further enhance the attractivity for foreign students and post-docs in our courses and labs. Different "instruments" have been developed locally by IPGP, University Paris-Diderot, and more recently by USPC then UP, and at the European level through different FP7-H2020 programs such as Erasmus Program, Marie Curie fellowships, Research and Initial Training Networks.


International Master in Solid Earth Sciences (courses in English for the 2nd year of master program) IPGP-ENS-Université Paris-Diderot-Mines Paris.

The international opening of our training offer was done through the new master in Solid earth Sciences, now in english. Specific scholarships are provided to Master students through different sources of funding. The master is partly funded by industrial partners. USPC awarded 6-8 MIEM (Mobilité Internationale Entrante Master) scholarships to IPGP international master, to support the cost of living and accommodation to selected students.


Doctoral Studies Department

The yearly Doctoral Congress, organized by PhD students represents an excellent opportunity to mix IPGP students and foreign students. During the Doctoral Congress, one full day is devoted to a meeting of students with R&D Institutions and industrial partners. This provides them with a unique opportunity to initiate contacts for their future careers. See 2018 congress website as an example.


The whole information for advertizing scientific and training activities of IPGP can be obtained on the booths (or Academic Showcase) run by IPGP in major international meetings such as AGU fall meeting in San Francisco, and EGU spring meeting in Vienna.