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  Advanced numerical modeling

Nombre d'ECTS : 
Programme : 
  • Advanced analysis of hyperbolic and parabolic systems
  • Introduction to continuous and discrete Hamiltonian systems
  • Introduction to high-order variational numerical methods for wave propagation: Finite Elements Methods (FEM), Spectral Elements (SEM), Discrete Galerkin Methods (DGM)
  • Consistence, Stability and Dispersion analysis
  • Elements of parallel computing
  • Symplectic time schemes for Hamiltonian systems: application to wave propagation.
  • Introduction to multi-scale numerical wave analysis: spatial homogenization and multiscale time analysis
Compétences visées : 
  • Understanding of physical and applied mathematical methods for wave propagation in complex geophysical media (acoustic and seismic)
  • Understanding of variational computational approximation for hyperbolic systems
  • Analysis of numerical schemes for wave propagation
  • Challenges in parallel computation
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