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  Material characterization

• Three Raman micro-spectrometers for the nondestructive characterization of geological materials (structure, properties) including one coupled to a scanning laser microscope and one portable unit.

• A scanning SQUID microscope to determine very weak magnetic fields with a micrometric resolution.

• A SQUID cryogenic magnetometer to measure induced and remnant magnetizations at low temperature.

• A FEG-FIB dual-beam microscope for nanopatterning and nanomachining, as well as sample preparation for various analyses (EPMA, SEM, EDX, SIMS, nanoSIMS or LA-ICPMS).

• A set of devices used to study thermodynamic and rheological properties.


Differential Scanning Calorimetry 96 Line Setaram

Manager: Daniel Neuville

SQUID Magnetic Microscope

Manager: France Lagroix



Raman Spectrometer T64000 Jobin-Yvon Horiba

Manager: Daniel Neuville

Viscometers LT-HT

Manager: Daniel Neuville



FTIR Microscopy Nicolet iN10MX ThermoScientific

Managers: Bénédicte Menez & Hélène Bouquerel

Raman Spectrometer InVia and Streamline Imaging Renishaw (with Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy FV1000 Olympus)

Managers: Bénédicte Menez & Hélène Bouquerel


Other available equipment:

• FTIR Microscopy Nicolet 6700 ThermoScientific

Manager: Vincent Busigny