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  The Bras David drainage basin

The Bras David drainage basin (surface area: 19 km2; average annual precipitation: 8.5 m3/s) is located at the heart of the primary forest of Guadeloupe’s National Park. It is oriented toward the Atlantic so trade-winds deliver rainfall to the watershed. It is composed of relatively loose andesitic and pyroclastic soils that are about 1 Ma old and on which very thick halloysite-rich ferralitic soils have formed. The altitude of the watershed varies from 250 to 750 m.







The parameters monitored in the watershed of Bras David include:
• Precipitations and atmospheric deposits, 
• River flowrate
• Concentration of materials in suspension, 
• Chemical composition of the river: pH, conductivity, dissolved major elements, dissolved and particulate organic carbon, 
• Chemical composition of solutions in saprolite.






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