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Research Departments

Planetary and Space Sciences

  PRoSPEr Platform


To achieve the scientific goals and all of the synergetic activities of the PSS team, we are developping a new computing platform at IPGP called PRoSPEr (Platform of RemOte Sensing for Planetary & Earth suRface) in coordination with the Géochimie des enveloppes externes and Tectonique et mécanique de la lithosphere teams, and potentially with any other team in IPGP needing spatial data and analysis. Contrary to the high-performance computing services at IPGP S-CAPAD, our calculations demand high memory accessibility, GPU acceleration and high-capacity storage with a fast data accessibility. Furthermore, the platform is being used for prototyping and development.  Along with the classical geomatics usage, a machine-learning approach is being considered.


The current facility is composed of :


2 Dell Precision class workstation with dual Xeon
Nvidia GPU for GPGPU (Tesla)
>128 Gb of Mem. per board (node)
Running Ubuntu Linux 16.04

2 HP Z class workstation with dual Xeon
Nvidia GPU for GPGPU (Titan)
>128 Gb of Mem. per board (node)
+8 Tb of disk (SSD)
1 under windows
1 under Ubuntu Linux
1 Dell poweredge server class with dual Xeon
10Tb HDD
128 Gb of Memory
Running CentOS 7


The five units, defined as nodes are connected through Gigabit Ethernet network and make altogether Beowulf like cluster. Homogenization will be carried out through 2018 with the additional nodes, among those which will be dedicated to the InSight mission (InSight Geospatial Service).