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Lithosphere tectonics and mechanics

  Satellite image processing

Participants hors IPGP : 
Marc Pierrot Deseilligny (IGN/ENSG)


Since 2011 CNES, within the TOSCA project, has been funding the development of methodologies to quantify horizontal ground displacements caused by earthquakes, landslides, ice flows, dune migrations etc. All developments are integrated in the freeware, open-source photogrammetric software tool MicMac .




Rosu, A. M., Pierrot-Deseilligny, M., Delorme, A., Binet, R., & Klinger, Y. (2015). Measurement of ground displacement from optical satellite image correlation using the free open-source software MicMac. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 100, 48-59.


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