"Women in Science" workshop | INSTITUT DE PHYSIQUE DU GLOBE DE PARIS


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  "Women in Science" workshop

Women in Science and Lab Girls from the Past: Lessons for the Future

Amphithéâtre - Institut de physique du globe de Paris - 1 rue Jussieu - Paris


UN International Day for Women and Girls in Science associated event.



It is the duty of the scientific community to be at the forefront in the constitution of a humanistic society for the future. Among the various forms of injustice that must be overcome, the unequal status of women in a society still dominated by men remains a reality, even in the western world. One result of this situation is that young women, in France and almost everywhere in the world, do not participate in sufficient numbers in higher scientific studies, outside of a few fields like medicine and biology. However, in the recent and even distant past, women did play an important role in the development of sciences, and several women, often thanks to their scientific background, have been able to reach the highest positions in society. Some have reached such positions after long and strenuous efforts, while others and their contributions have never been adequately recognized.


To celebrate the International Day for Women and Girls in Science, so designated by the General Assembly of the United Nations and UNESCO for February 11, we shall describe the career and accomplishments of some exceptional women of science. Young women may take inspiration from these lives, overcome their hesitations, and decide to pursue studies in science. Boys also, when they don’t know them already, may take inspiration from these women’s careers in science, add them to their personal references, and decide to play an active part in the building of a more equal and rich society, based on mutual respect and mutual aid in all domains, including, first of all, science and technology.


Contact : wis2018@ipgp.fr


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