Muon tomography: Plans for observations in the Lesser Antilles | INSTITUT DE PHYSIQUE DU GLOBE DE PARIS


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  Muon tomography: Plans for observations in the Lesser Antilles

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Journal Article


Earth Planets and Space, Volume 62, Ticket 2, p.153-165 (2010)



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cosmic rays., Guadeloupe, Martinique, monitoring, Montserrat, muons, telescope, tomography, UMR 7154 ; Sismologie ; N° Contribution : 2591; Volcanoes


<p>The application of muon tomography to monitor and image the internal structure of volcanoes in the Lesser Antilles is discussed. Particular focus is directed towards the three volcanoes that fall under the responsibility of the Institut de Physique du Globe of Paris, namely La Montagne Pelee in Martinique, La Soufriere in Guadeloupe, and the Soufriere Hills in Montserrat. The technological criteria for the design of portable muon telescopes are presented in detail for both their mechanical and electronic aspects. The detector matrices are constructed with scintillator strips, and their detection characteristics are discussed. The tomography inversion is presented, and its distinctive characteristics are briefly discussed. Details are given on the implementation of muon tomography experiments on La Soufriere in Guadeloupe.</p>


Gibert, Dominique Beauducel, Francois Declais, Yves Lesparre, Nolwenn Marteau, Jacques Nicollin, Florence Tarantola, Albert 1st Workshop on High Energy Earth Science JUN 26-27, 2008 Tokyo, JAPAN