Post-rift uplift of the Dhofar margin (Gulf of Aden) | INSTITUT DE PHYSIQUE DU GLOBE DE PARIS


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  Post-rift uplift of the Dhofar margin (Gulf of Aden)

Type de publication:

Journal Article


Terra Nova, Volume 23, Ticket 1, p.11-18 (2011)



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UMR 7154 ; Géosciences marines


<p>P&gt;An investigation into the sedimentation pattern along the Dhofar margin allows us to describe its late-stage evolution. After the accumulation of a thick post-rift sedimentary succession, two units characterized by mass transport deposits (MTD) mark a major change in sedimentation. The first MTD occurrence could be the result of a climatic change. The second MTD occurrence is associated with a shift of sedimentation from the slope towards the basin. An uplift phase, characterized by two distinct deformational styles in the eastern and western parts of the Dhofar margin, can be highlighted. Both events occurred very late in the history of the margin, at least 7.6 Ma after the end of the rifting phase (35-17.6 Ma). The evolution of this basin stresses the importance of post-rift deformation in the Dhofar margin.</p>


Bache, Francois Leroy, Sylvie Baurion, Celine Robinet, Jeremy Gorini, Christian Lucazeau, Francis Razin, Philippe d'Acremont, Elia Al-Toubi, Khalfan