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  Error distribution in regional inversion of potential field data

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Journal Article


Geophysical Journal International, Volume 181, Ticket 3, p.1428-1440 (2010)



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UMR 7154 ; Etudes Spatiales et Planétologie ; N° Contribution : 2613 ; Inverse theory; Satellite geodesy; Geopotential theory; Satellite magnetics


P>An increasing number of regional inversions of gravity and magnetic field data have recently been computed, some based on satellite and ground data, some on satellite data only. In each case it is important to quantify the errors resulting from the confined data region or the satellite parameters. In this study we investigate the error distribution of regional inversions for scalar gravity and vector geomagnetic data from satellite data only. We include the effects of satellite altitude, size of the data region, signal-to-noise ratio and spherical harmonic degree of an a priori global field model. We evaluate our results on the basis of a regional inversion of the Earth's magnetic field.


Schachtschneider, R. Holschneider, M. Mandea, M.