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  Symposium "Halogens as tracers in geological processes

The application of halogen (Br and Cl) concentrations, ratios and stable isotopes as tracers to better understand geological processes
Mercredi 04 Juillet 2018


A symposium to be organised at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris on the occasion of the closure of the project BRISOACTIONS


The complete program with abstracts is now available for dowload!


As a minor element in most geological materials Br was in the past not regularly analysed in geological materials such as rocks. In part this was due to the fact that, due to its similarity to Cl, it was expected that the geochemistry of Br is similar to Cl. The main reason however was the low concentration of Br in most materials, so that it was difficult to measure.


It is known however that the Br/Cl ratio in various geological materials shows a considerable variation, and this information was regularly used in formation water and evaporite studies as this ratio gives indications on the origin and processes that the sample was involved in.
Recent instrumental improvements have not only decreased the detection limit of Br it also made possible to develop methods to analyse the stable isotope composition of Br in samples with low Br contents.


During the workshop we will discuss recent developments and new insights it has given us on the Br geochemistry. We will focus on Br concentration studies in material with very low concentration and Br isotope studies in evaporite deposits. The Br (geo)chemistry will be compared to the Cl (geo)chemistry that is obtained from the same samples and similarities and contradictions will be discussed in order to better understand the behaviour of these elements in the earth-system. We will also discuss the opportunities that arise from the improved Br analytical techniques and the potential that this will have towards our understanding of chemical processes that take place in different earth systems as well as the geological and geochemical consequences of these developments.


Confirmed speakers:

  • Ray Burgess (University of Manchester)
  • Rahim Bagheri (Shahrood University of Technology)
  • Mubarak Al-Hajeri (Kuwait Oil Company)
  • Hélène Bureau (Sorbonne Université)
  • Thomas Giunta (University of Toronto)
  • Pierre Agrinier (IPGP)
  • Hans Eggenkamp (IPGP)


Sponsored by the European Commission via Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowship grant 702001 BRISOACTIONS