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  Halogen diffusion in magmatic systems: Our current state of knowledge

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Journal Article


Chemical Geology, Volume 263, Ticket 1-4, p.82-88 (2009)



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UMR 7154 ; Volcanologie ; Halogens; Diffusion; Silicate melts; Magmatic processes; Volcanic gases


Diffusion of halogens has the potential to influence petrogenetic processes in magma chambers and conduit degassing processes. This contribution reviews our current state of knowledge concerning halogen diffusion and the influence of halogens on the diffusion of major elements in silicate melts. The addition of halogens to silicate melts at common, natural concentration levels will have little effect on the diffusion of major elements. However, the differences between the diffusivity of water, the diffusivities of halogens, and the diffusivity of sulfur are significant enough that during melt inclusion entrapment, or during rapid bubble or crystal growth, diffusive fractionation between water and the halogens, and between halogens and sulfur, are expected to occur and can influence the compositions of melt inclusions, crystals and volcanic gases. (C) 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


Baker, Don R. Balcone-Boissard, Helene Sp. Iss. SI