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  In situ mapping of high-pressure fluids using hydrothermal diamond anvil cells

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Journal Article


High Pressure Research, Volume 27, Ticket 2, p.235-247 (2007)






We present new results combining high pressures and temperatures attainable in a diamond anvil cell with in situ synchrotron radiation induced micro-X-ray fluorescence measurements. Hydrothermal diamond anvil cells experiments have been performed by measuring the partitioning of Pb between aqueous fluids ( pure water or NaCl-enriched water) and hydrous silicate melts of haplogranite composition using synchrotron X-ray fluorescence. The in situ measurements were performed in the range 0.3-1.2 GPa and 730-850 degrees C both in the aqueous fluid and in the silicate melts being in equilibrium. Pb is strongly partitioned into high-pressure-temperature hydrous melts when Cl is present in either the hydrous melt or the aqueous fluid. Moreover, our comparisons of in situ results with post-mortem results show that significant changes take place during rapid quenching especially when samples are small ( few hundred of microns in diameter). Water exsolution is induced by the quench in the silicate melt showing the high mobility of Pb which immediately partitions into the water vapor phase during the quench. The current in situ approach offers thus a pertinent complementary method to the classical experimental petrology investigations.</p>


High Pressure Res.Bureau, H. Menez, B. Malavergne, V. Somogyi, A. Simionovici, A. Massare, D. Khodja, H. Daudin, L. Gallien, J.-P. Shaw, C. Bonnin-Mosbah, M. 39 TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD