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International Masters Mobility Scholarship (MIEM)

The MIEM program, funded by the IdEx University of Paris (UP), aims to diversify internationally the Masters program and facilitate the participation of the most talented foreign students thus creating a pool of excellence of potential future doctoral candidates in line with the established research policy of the College of Doctoral Schools at UP. Through the MIEM program, UP has the opportunity and the means to train tomorrow top level-scientists.

Eligible Master programs

8 scolarships will be proposed to students admitted to the second year (M2) of the following Master programs

Master’s in Earth and planetary sciences & Environment
• Geophysics
• Geochemistry, geobiology, geomaterials and environment
• Geology
• Applied geophysics
• Analytical and environmental chemistry and geochemistry
• Natural Hazards
• International master in solid Earth sciences
• Fundamentals of remote sensing

Who can apply?

The MIEM program is restricted to foreign students that have not previously attended a French university.
Foreign students completing a French baccalaureate exam are not eligible.
Students with dual nationalities, one of them being French, are not eligible.

How to apply

1- Download and complete the FichierMiem scholarship application form

2- The completed application form and all documents requested must be gathered within a single pdf file and e-mailed from February 27 to April 20, 2019, the last deadline, at the following address :

The candidate’s application will be reviewed by the faculty admissions committee once admission to one of the eligible Master programs has been granted.
Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

Decision notifications

The applicants will be notified via email of the committee’s decision.
Successful applicants have 15 days from the date of notification to confirm their acceptance of the MIEM scholarship by replying the to decision notification email received. If the applicant fails to confirm their acceptance, as of 16th day following receipt of the decision notification, it will appear on record that the applicant declines the scholarship.

Scholarship financial aid and obligations

MIEM UP scholarship recipient receives 10,000 euros per year as financial aid. The financial aid is allocated for one year, it is non renewable and cannot be postponed. The scholarship cannot be cumulated with another scholarship.

Recipients of the MIEM UP scholarship have the following obligations under penalty of suspension of the scholarship:
- Be enrolled in one of the eligible Master’s program at IPGP.
- Be present from the start of term (Friday, September 6th 2019).
- Be assiduous and attend all courses

The scholarship financial aid is transferred to French bank account once the recipient is duly enrolled in one of the eligible Master’s program.
The recipient must be duly enrolled before September 16th, 2015. Failure to do so will lead to the scholarship being revoked.

Help can be provided to student fellows for the search for housing.

False statements

In case of false statements in the scholarship application form, IPGP reserves the right to deny or to terminate the scholarship at any time and to engage legal proceedings.

Further information

Please send any additional questions to: