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  International Master in solid Earth Sciences

We propose a 2nd year master program entirely taught in English. Students enrolled under this program must meet the highest academic and professionalrequirements, while willing to pursue their adventure in Earth Sciences in a PhD program, in an academic or industrial laboratory.

You will find further information on the application procedure at this webpage:

The first semester will consist of courses to choose from this menu

 Tutored project in Geosciences

Optional: choose 9 among
 Inverse Problems & Signal Processing
 Geological Fluid Dynamics
 Geochemical cycles (worth 2 courses)
 Scientific Computing for Geophysical Problems
 Seismic Wave Propagation
 Earthquake Geology
 Advanced Petrology
 Ocean, Atmosphere and Climate
 Advanced Numerical Modelling
 Seismic Imaging and Full Waveform Inversion
 Local and Global Tomography
 Geophysical Data Acquisition
 Field trip: volcanic observatory OR living faults in Greece

The second semester will consist of a 5-month research internship, within an academic lab or a lab of one of our industrial partners. This internship will define you area of specialization (geophysics, geology, geochemistry). Research at IPGP is described here: