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  International Master in solid Earth Sciences

Invitation to cutting-edge geosciences in IPGP, open to international students

The International Master in Solid Earth Sciences aims to train high-level geoscientists, who will continue their study for a PhD either at IPGP or elsewhere, in an academic or industrial context. Students are awarded a ten-month scholarship and are encouraged to choose their courses and research internship among the wide variety of possibilities offered by IPGP researchers and their industrial partners, as per their wishes. This second year master program is entirely taught in English: it welcomes every year a dozen of students coming from all over the world, having a solid background in fundamental sciences.


PDF iconFlyer of International Master in solid Earth Sciences


Near future

PhD students in IPGP, distinguished universities in France and worldwide, or in industry, interns in industry


Following carrer

• Researcher, Professor in academia and in industry
• R&D engineer in industry
• Project manager, consultant in various companies


Activity Sectors

• Higher education
• Public/private company research
• International company related or not related to geosciences
• Sectors available for all the courses in IPGP M2


How to apply

Apply for 2019-20

from March 15 to June 20, 2019 or from August 26 to August 30, 2019 



• Geophysics
• Geochemistry
• Geology
• 4 themes running at IPGP (Earth and planetary interiors, Natural hazards, Earth system, Origins)



PDF iconContent of the programm


Head of program

Nobuaki Fuji IPGP-Géosciences marines


Pascale Petitgas , IPGP - Université Paris Diderot - Scolarité du Master STEP - Bureau P06 - 1 rue Jussieu, 75238 Paris cedex 05 - +33 1 83 95 75 20


Nota bene M2  :

* UE obligatoires (33 ects) : 2
* UE optionnelles (27 ects) : 9 UE + 1 de 3 ECTS à choisir parmi 19 ou 1 UE de 6 ECTS à choisir parmi 1 + 7 UE de 3 ECTS à choisir parmi 19 (en fonction des compatibilités d'emplois du temps)