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  International Master in Solid Earth Sciences

Invitation to cutting-edge geosciences in IPGP, open to international students

The International Master in Solid Earth Sciences (IMSES) is a one-year program set up at the second year of the European Master level (M2). Its objective is to train top-level solid-earth geoscientists in the fields of geophysics, geology or geochemistry. A maximum of 10 students coming from all over the world are admitted each year, with the possibility for non-French students to be awarded a scholarship, through Université Paris Cité SMARTS-UP scholarship scheme. A wide range of courses are available, all taught in English. Training through research work and complex problem solving allows IMSES graduates to subsequently pursue a PhD in academia or work in industry.


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Possible scholarship : apply to University Paris Cité SMARTS-UP scholarship before January 15th, 2023

Maximum number of students : 10
Teaching language : English


Requirements :

Minimum four years of undergraduate/master’s degree, European M1 level or USA/Asian B4 (senior) equivalent, in (geo-) physics, (geo-) chemistry, geology, computer sciences, mathematics and/or engineering.
A strong background in mathematics, physics and computer sciences is required, along with some prior exposure to Earth Sciences through courses or internships.
Fluency in English is required: minimum B2, ideally C1 level (as confirmed by a test score e.g. TOEFL or IELTS; if student has studied in a program where the medium of instruction is English, a letter attesting of this is sufficient)
Selection for admission to the Master’s program and for awarding of a scholarship is based on academic criteria. Students with annual average grades of 14/20 and above are especially encouraged to apply.


Application procedure (Academic year 2023-2024)

Separate applications need to be filed for the Université Paris Cité SMARTS-UP scholarship (follow link given above) and for the Master’s program. Regarding applications to the Master’s program:

- Non-European students are invited to apply via Études en France (please check eligible countries)  from October 1st 2022 onwards. Candidates should contact the Embassy of France in their country to enquire about the application closing date.

- European students are invited to apply via Université Paris Cité eCandidat portal (expected to open in March 2023).

N.B. For non-European students, if your country of residence is not included in the Études en France country list, you must apply via eCandidat.


Tuition fees

Information on cost of enrolment is available here
Also refer to the following page


Available courses: see list at bottom of the page


Organization of the year
Course works from September to January, research internship from February to June in academia or industry

Jobs and employment sectors

Route after graduation: PhD, work in private sector


Jobs: academic position (research, teaching), scientist in R&D at a company, consultant, project manager at a company, teacher


Places of employment: universities, research institutions, geological surveys, companies in the energy sector (including oil and gas), in the groundwater sector, in the digital sector, insurance companies, technical consultancies (in environmental engineering, geophysics), government agencies, local agencies, secondary education


Head of program

Hélène Carton |
IPGP - Géosciences Marines



Administrative contact

Mme Christelle Sarrasin, IPGP - Université de Paris Cité - Département de la Formation et des Études Doctorales - Scolarité du Master STPE  - Bureau P06 - 1 rue Jussieu, 75238 Paris cedex 05 - Tel: +33 1 83 95 75 20

Available courses

Mandatory courses are the Research internship (in academia or industry) and the Tutored project, corresponding to a total of 33 ECTS credits. In addition, students are required to select 9+1 optional courses of 3 ECTS credits each (or 1 course of 6 ECTS credits and 7+1 courses of 3 ECTS credits), bringing them 27 ECTS credits.


The following optional courses are also available as non-validating courses :

Stage de sismique marine

Geochemistry of organic matter