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  Impact Seismology on terrestrial and giant planets

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Book Chapter


Extraterrestrial Seismology, Cambridge Academic Press, Cambridge, p.250-263 (2015)





<p>Impacts on the surface of the Earth and Moon surface or atmospheric blasts from impacts in Earth’s atmosphere are known to generate seismic signals, either directly related by the surface impact or by ground coupling of the atmospheric blast. Although not detected by seismometers, the impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on Jupiter also generated waves, remotely observed by the Hubble Space Telescope from Earth’s orbit.</p><p>After reviewing these different observations, including those associated with artificial impacts, we present the different models used to described impact seismic sources, either for impact on the planetary surface or blast or explosion in the atmosphere. We then address impacts frequencies and use these mass/frequency models to predict the rate of expected impacts related events on Mars. Finally, we present perspectives, including those associated with joint optical/seismic monitoring of the Moon and Mars.</p>