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Planétologie et sciences spatiales

  Taichi Kawamura

Seismic analysis of the Moon using the Apollo 17 Lunar Surface Gravimeter
Encadrant (et co-encadrant) : 
Naoki Kobayashi

The inner structure of the Moon is an essential piece of information in investigating the origin and the evolution of the Moon. Many methods have been carried out to estimatethe inner structure of the Moon and the seismic data obtained by the Apollo seismic observations are one of the most important sources of information. However, there was only 4 seismic station deployed on the Moon the lunar seismology suffered from the small observation network and limited number of usable seismic events. To overcome this problem we focused on the Lunar Surface Gravimeter (LSG) on the Apollo 17. The LSG was designed not only for gravitational observation but also for seismic observations but since the instrument was thought to be not working properly, the data was long been left unanalyzed. In this study, I search for seismic use of the LSG data. I re-evaluated the data in a seismological point of view and showed that the gravimeter was functioning as a seismometer. The new seismic data obtained from the gravimeter further seismic investigation with additional data. This thesis aims to refine the understanding of the lunar inner structure by combining the seismic data obtained by Apollo seismometers and the new data obtained by the Lunar Surface Gravimeter.

Date de soutenance: 
Dimanche 01 Janvier 2012 - 11:00
Antoine Mocquet (Rapporteur), Eric Larose (Rapporteur), Yosio Nakamura (Examinateur), Pascal Bernard (Examinateurs)