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Zuber, M. T., D. E. Smith, G. A. Neumann, S. Goossens, J. C. Andrews-Hanna, J. W. Head, W. S. Kiefer, S. W. Asmar, A. S. Konopl, iv, F. G. Lemoine et al. "Gravity field of the Orientale basin from the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory Mission." Science 354 (2016).
Miljković, K., Mark A. Wieczorek, G. S. Collins, S. C. Solomon, D. E. Smith, and M. T. Zuber. "Excavation of the lunar mantle by basin-forming impact events on the Moon." Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 409 (2015).
Soderblom, J. M., A. J. Evans, B. C. Johnson, H. J. Melosh, K. Miljkovic, R. J. Phillips, J. C. Andrews-Hanna, C. J. Bierson, J. W. Head, C. Milbury et al. "The fractured Moon: Production and saturation of porosity in the lunar highlands from impact crateringGravitational signatures of lunar floor-fractured craters." Geophys. Res. Lett. 42 (2015).
Neumann, G. A., M. T. Zuber, Mark A. Wieczorek, J. W. Head, D. M. H. Baker, S. C. Solomon, D. E. Smith, F. G. Lemoine, E. Mazarico, T. J. Sabaka et al. "Lunar impact basins revealed by Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory measurements." Science Advances 1, no. 9 (2015).
Padovan, S., Mark A. Wieczorek, J.-L. Margot, N. Tosi, and S. C. Solomon. "Thickness of the crust of Mercury from geoid-to-topography ratios." Geophys. Res. Lett. 42 (2015).
Williams, J. G., A. S. Konopl, iv, D. H. Boggs, R. S. Park, D.-N. Yuan, F. G. Lemoine, S. Goossens, E. Mazarico, F. Nimmo, R. C. Weber et al. "Lunar interior properties from the GRAIL mission." J. Geophys. Res. Planets 119 (2014): 1546-1578, doi:10.1002/2013JE004559.
Miljkovic, K., Mark A. Wieczorek, G. S. Collins, M. Laneuville, G. A. Neumann, H. J. Melosh, S. C. Solomon, R. J. Phillips, D. E. Smith, and M. T. Zuber. "Asymmetric distribution of lunar impact basins caused by variations in target properties." Science 342 (2013): 724-726, doi:10.1126/science.1243224.