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Fontaine, F.R., G. Barruol, H. Tkalcic, I. Wölbern, G. Rümpker, T. Bodin, and M. Haugmard. "Crustal and Uppermost Mantle structure variation beneath La Réunion hotspot track." Geophysical Journal International submitted (2015).
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Tanaka, S., D. Suetsugu, H. Shiobara, H. Sugioka, T. Kanazawa, Y. Fukao, G. Barruol, and D. Reymond. "On the vertical extent of the large low shear velocity province beneath the South Pacific Superswell." Geophysical Research Letters (2009): in press.
Bascou, J., G. Delpech, A. Vauchez, B.N. Moine, J.Y. Cottin, and G. Barruol. "An integrated study of microstructural, geochemical and seismic properties data of the lithospheric mantle above the Kerguelen plume (Indian Ocean)." Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 9 (2008).
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