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Angiboust, Samuel, Aitor Cambeses, Thais Hyppolito, Johannes Glodny, Patrick Monie, Mauricio Calderon, and Caetano Juliani. "A 100-m.y.-long window onto mass-flow processes in the Patagonian Mesozoic subduction zone (Diego de Almagro Island, Chile)." Geological Society of America Bulletin 130 (2018): 1439-1456.
Menant, Armel, Samuel Angiboust, Patrick Monie, Onno Oncken, and Jean-Michel Guigner. "Brittle deformation during Alpine basal accretion and the origin of seismicity nests above the subduction interface." Earth and Planetary Science Letters 487 (2018): 84-93.
Jaeckel, Kathleen, Gray E. Bebout, and Samuel Angiboust. "Deformation-enhanced fluid and mass transfer along Western and Central Alps paleo-subduction interfaces: Significance for carbon cycling models." Geosphere 14 (2018): 2355-2375.
Angiboust, Samuel, and Jesus Munoz. "Field report: Sailing around the exhumed roots of the Mesozoic Patagonian paleo-accretionary wedge (Diego de Almagro Island, Chile)." Geoscience Frontiers 9 (2018): 1591-1594.
Hertgen, Solenn, Philippe Yamato, Luiz F. G. Morales, and Samuel Angiboust. "Evidence for brittle deformation events at eclogite-facies P-T conditions (example of the Mt. Emilius klippe, Western Alps)." Tectonophysics 706 (2017): 1-13.
Angiboust, Samuel, Thais Hyppolito, Johannes Glodny, Aitor Cambeses, Antonio Garcia-Casco, Mauricio Calderon, and Caetano Juliani. "Hot subduction in the middle Jurassic and partial melting of oceanic crust in Chilean Patagonia." Gondwana Research 42 (2017): 104-125.
Angiboust, Samuel, and Daniel Harlov. "Ilmenite breakdown and rutile-titanite stability in metagranitoids: Natural observations and experimental results." American Mineralogist 102 (2017): 1696-1708.
Hyppolito, Thais, Samuel Angiboust, Caetano Juliani, Johannes Glodny, Antonio Garcia-Casco, Mauricio Calderon, and Christian Chopin. "Eclogite-, amphibolite- and blueschist-facies rocks from Diego de Almagro Island (Patagonia): Episodic accretion and thermal evolution of the Chilean subduction interface during the Cretaceous." Lithos 264 (2016): 422-440.
Angiboust, Samuel, Philippe Agard, Johannes Glodny, Jafar Omrani, and Onno Oncken. "Zagros blueschists: Episodic underplating and long-lived cooling of a subduction zone." Earth and Planetary Science Letters 443 (2016): 48-58.
Angiboust, Samuel, Josephine Kirsch, Onno Oncken, Johannes Glodny, Patrick Monie, and Erik Rybacki. "Probing the transition between seismically coupled and decoupled segments along an ancient subduction interface." Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 16 (2015): 1905-1922.
Collins, Nathan C., Gray E. Bebout, Samuel Angiboust, Philippe Agard, Marco Scambelluri, Laura Crispini, and Timm John. "Subduction zone metamorphic pathway for deep carbon cycling: II. Evidence from HP/UHP metabasaltic rocks and ophicarbonates." Chemical Geology 412 (2015): 132-150.