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Meriaux, A.-S., F.J. Ryerson, Paul Tapponnier, J. Van der Woerd, R.C. Finkel, Xiwei Xu, Zhiqin Xu, and M.W. Caffee. "Rapid slip along the central Altyn Tagh Fault: Morphochronologic evidence from Cherchen He and Sulamu Tagh,." J. geophys. res. 109 (2004): B0640, doi:10.1029/2003JB002558.
Gillet, L.D., T.M. Harrison, P.H. Leloup, F.J. Ryerson, O.M. Lovera, and J.-H. Wang. "Direct dating of left-lateral deformation along the Red River shear Zone, China and Vietnam." J. geophys. res. 108, no. B2 (2003): ECV 14-1-14-21.
Benedetti, L., R. Finkel, Geoffrey C. P. King, Rolando Armijo, D. Papanastassiou, F.J. Ryerson, F. Flerit, D. Farber, and G Stavrakakis. "Motion on the Kaparelli fault (Greece) prior to the 1981 earthquake sequence determined from 36 C1 cosmogenic dating." Terra nova (Oxford) 15, no. 2 (2003): 118-125.
Van der Woerd, J, A.S. Meriaux, Yann Klinger, Paul Tapponnier, F.J. Ryerson, and Yves Gaudemer. "The 14 november 2001, Mw 7.8 Kokoxili earthquake in northern Tibet (Qinghai Province, China)." Seism. Res. Lett. 73 (2002): 125-135.
Lasserre, C., Yves Gaudemer, Paul Tapponnier, A.-S. Meriaux, J. Van der Woerd, Yuan Daoyang, F.J. Ryerson, R.C. Fionkel, and M.W. Caffee. "Fast late Pleistocene slip rate on the Leng Long Ling segment of the Haiyuan fault, Qinghai, China." J. geophys. res. 107, no. B11 (2002): 2276.
Van der Woerd, J., Paul Tapponnier, F.J. Ryerson, A.-S. Meriaux, B. Meyer, Yves Gaudemer, R.C. Finkel, M.W. Caffee, Zhao Guoguang, and Xu Zhiqin. "Uniform postglacial slip-rate along the central 600 km of the Kunlun Fault (Tibet), from 26A1,10Be, and 14C dating of riser offsets, and climatic origin of the regional morphology." Geophys. j. int. 148 (2002): 356-388.
Van der Woerd, J., Yann Klinger, K. Sieh, Paul Tapponnier, and F.J. Ryerson. "First long term slip rate along the San Andreas fault based on 10Be-26Al surface exposure dating : The Biskra Palm site, 23mm/yr for the last 30,000yrs." Eos (Wash. D.C.) (2001): abstract (AGU 2001).
Tapponnier, Paul, F.J. Ryerson, J. Van der Woerd, A.S. Meriaux, and C. Lasserre. "Long-term slip rates and characteristic slip : keys to active fault behaviour and earthquake hazard." C. r. Acad. sci. Série II, Sci. terre planètes, no. T 333, (2001): 483-494.
Van der Woerd, J., Xu Xiwei, Li Haibing, Paul Tapponnier, B. Meyer, F.J. Ryerson, A. S. Meriaux, and Xu Zhiqin. "Rapid active thrusting along the northwestern range front of th Thanghenan Shan (western Gansu, China)." J. geophys. res. 106, no. B12 (2001): 30475-30504.
Lasserre, C., P.H. Morel, Yves Gaudemer, Paul Tapponnier, F.J. Ryerson, Geoffrey C. P. King, Francois Metivier, M. Kasser, M. Kashgarian, Liu Baichi et al. "Post-glacial left slip-rate and past occurrence of M>8 earthquakes on the western Haiyuan fault (Gansu, China)." J. geophys. res. 104 (1999): 17633-17651.
Van der Woerd, J., F.J. Ryerson, Paul Tapponnier, Yves Gaudemer, R. Finkel, A.S. Meriaux, M. Caffee, Zhao Guoguang, and He Qunlu. "Holocene left slip-rate determined by cosmogenic surface dating on the Xidatan segment of the Kunlun Fault (Qinghai, China)." Geology 26 (1998): 695-698.
Harrison, T.M., P.H. Leloup, F.J. Ryerson, Paul Tapponnier, R. Lacassin, and Chen Wenji. "Diachronous initiation of Transtension along the Ailao Shan-Red River Shear zone, Yunnan and Vietnam, in The Tectonics of Asia.", edited by An Yin and T. Harrison, 208-226. World and regional geology. Cambridge Univ. Press, 1996.