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Lognonné, Philippe, W. B. Banerdt, D. Giardini, W. T. Pike, U. Christensen, P. Laudet, S. de Raucourt, P. Zweifel, S. Calcutt, M. Bierwirth et al. "SEIS: Insight’s Seismic Experiment for Internal Structure of Mars." Space Science review 215, no. 1 (2019): 12.
Clinton, J., D. Giardini, M. Böse, S. Ceylan, M. van Driel, F. Euchner, R. F. Garcia, S. Kedar, A. Khan, S. C. Stähler et al. "The Marsquake Service: Securing Daily Analysis of SEIS Data and Building the Martian Seismicity Catalogue for InSight." Space Science Review 214, no. 8 (2018): 133.
Panning, M. P., E. Beucler, M. Drilleau, A. Mocquet, Philippe Lognonné, and W. B. Banerdt. "Verifying single-station seismic approaches using Earth-based data: Preparation for data return from the InSight mission to Mars." Icarus 248 (2015): 230-242.
Langlais, B., H. Amit, H. Larnier, Erwan Thebault, and A. Mocquet. "A new model for the (geo)magnetic power spectrum, with application to planetary dynamo radii." Earth and Planetary Science Letters 401 (2014): 347-358.
Drilleau, M., E. Beucler, A. Mocquet, O. Verhoeven, G. Moebs, Gael Burgos, Jean-Paul Montagner, and P. Vacher. "A Bayesian approach to infer radial models of temperature and anisotropy in the transition zone from surface wave dispersion curves." Geophysical Journal International 195, no. 2 (2013): 1165-1183.
Bouley, S., D. Baratoux, J. Vaubaillon, A. Mocquet, M. Le Feuvre, F. Colas, Z. Benkhaldoun, A. Daassou, M. Sabil, and Philippe Lognonné. "Power and duration of impact flashes on the Moon: Implication for the cause of radiation." Icarus 218, no. 1 (2012): 115-124.
Verhoeven, O, A. Rivoldini, P Vacher, A. Mocquet, G. Choblet, M. Menvielle, V. Dehant, T. Van Hoolst, J. Sleewaegen, J.-P. Barriot et al. "Planetary interiors structure inferred from electromagnetic, geodetic and seismic network science I: Forward problem an the case of Mars." Journal of geophysical research 110 (2005): doi : 10.1029/2004JE002271.
Lognonné, Philippe, D. Giardini, B. Banerdt, J. Gagnepain-Beyneix, A. Mocquet, T. Spohn, J. F. Karczewski, P. Schibler, S. Cacho, W. T. Pike et al. "The NetLander very broad band seismometer." Planetary and Space Science 48, no. 12-14 (2000): 1289-1302.
Mocquet, A., Barbara A. Romanowicz, and Jean-Paul Montagner. "Three-dimensional structure of the upper mantle beneath the Atlantic Ocean inferred from long period Rayleigh waves. I: Group and phase velocity distributions." J. geophys. res. 94 (1989): 7449-7468.