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Hatte, C., C. Gauthier, D. D. Rousseau, P. Antoine, M. Fuchs, France Lagroix, S. B. Markovic, O. Moine, and A. Sima. "Excursions to C-4 vegetation recorded in the Upper Pleistocene loess of Surduk (Northern Serbia): an organic isotope geochemistry study." Climate of the Past 9, no. 3 (2013): 1001-1014.
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Planchon, Mariane, Thichakorn Jittawuttipoka, Corinne Cassier-Chauvat, Francois Guyot, Alexandre Gelabert, Marc F. Benedetti, Franck Chauvat, and Olivier Spalla. "Exopolysaccharides protect Synechocystis against the deleterious effects of Titanium dioxide nanoparticles in natural and artificial waters." Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 405 (2013): 35-43.
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