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Tectonique et mécanique de la lithosphère

  Tania Habel

Along-strike growth of the Andean subduction orogen
Encadrant (et co-encadrant) : 

Mountain belts are formed in the context of converging plates by incorporating progressively their foreland units. Whereas continental collisional systems (like the Himalayas) are well understood today in terms of relief construction, the case of the Andean subduction orogen still raises open issues which traduce the lack of comprehension of orogen growth over a subjecting slab. Across-strike growth – in the direction of the plate convergence – is a universal, well-understood orogenic process. By contrast, along-strike growth – the way orogens enlarge parallel to the plate boundary – is less well studied. The Andes are a promising case example to investigate those issues. This PhD project focuses on the West Andean fold-thrust-belt and basement along the two arms of the Andean orogen, in southern Peru and in northern to central Chile. By combining field observations with data from geological maps and high resolution satellite imagery, surface structures can be accurately mapped and the 3D-structure extrapolated. Such quantitative cross-sections allow in a next step to deduce and discuss on kinematics and the importance of the West Andean deformation front. In combination with thermochronological analyses, the basement exhumation along the West Andean front will allow to conclude on its tectonic evolution.