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Volcanological and seismological Observatories

The Volcanological and seismological Observatories of the Antilles and Reunion Island in partnership with the local universities and the regional and departmental authorities, work permanently monitoring the “Soufriere” of Guadeloupe, “Mount Pelée” in Martinique and the “Piton de la Fournaise” on Reunion Island.
Each recent eruption (frequent during the last decade) of the “Piton de la Fournaise” has been predicted and the authorities and population concerned informed.
The volcanoes of the Antilles are of a very different type and the eruptions more uncommon and dangerous. The instruments and teams in place should make it possible to anticipate the next eruption months in advance. The principal risk in the Antilles is without a doubt the seismic and tsunami risk: the zone of subduction has produced already strong seism in the past, in particular during the 19th century, and this activity continues to these days.
Work is being done towards a better comprehension of these phenomena, but the current state of science does not allow the precise seismic prediction. The prevention and the information are responsibilities of the national and territorial authorities and remain the most important task to which the IPGP contributes, only limited by the means given to us. The volcanologic observatories also helps the monitoring in foreign countries, such as the Republic of Djibouti or the Comors.

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