E. MetzgerDoctor Edouard Metzger
Laboratoire de Géochimie des Eaux
UMR CNRS 7047 Physico-chimie des Fluides Géologiques
Case 7052 - Universite Denis Diderot - Paris 7 & IPGP
2, place Jussieu 75251 PARIS CEDEX 05 - FRANCE
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e-mail : metzger@ipgp.jussieu.fr

actual position :
Assistant Teacher in Chemistry in Denis Diderot, Paris 7 University

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PhD Thesis

Title : "Cadmium benthic transfer processes in two coastal environments, the Sepetiba Bay (Brésil-RJ) and the Thau lagoon (France-34)". Advisors: Gérard Sarazin, Didier Jézéquel and Sambasiva Patchineelam.


The principal objective of this work was to characterize the behaviour of cadmium in the sedimentary environment and exchanges with the water column in two coastal regions which are characterized by organic-rich sediments and strongly impacted by the human activity. Sepetiba Bay (RJ-Brazil) is a tropical environment contaminated by a hydrometallurgical plant of zinc. Thau lagoon (34-France) is a eutrophic Mediterranean lagoon where intensive shellfish farming strongly influences the distribution of the particulate organic carbon deposition in the lagoon. The diagenetic understanding of the behaviour of Cd required the acquisition of various chemical parameters sensitive to the redox conditions on various space and time scales. With this intention, several techniques of sampling and measurement were performed which allowed the observation on millimetre and centimetre scale of chemical gradients. The important database made us to observe occasional or seasonal changes affecting the geochemistry of the sediment. We could show that in these systems, the strongly reducing conditions lead to effective sinks for Cd from the water column. However, some observed processes generate redox conditions within the sediment favouring the re-mobilisation of cadmium into the pore water and diffusion towards the overlying water. Thus the increase of oxygen penetration depth in the sediment allows an efficient recycling of cadmium in the sediment of Thau while bio-irrigation and groundwater inflow solubilize locally cadmium in the Sepetiba Bay.


early diagenesis ; sediment-water interface ; trace metals ; redox ; remobilization ; DGT ; DET ; mangrove ; lagoon ; bioturbation

Curriculum Vitae:

2000-2004 PhD, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, Université Paris 7. Directeur de Thèse: Gérard Sarazin, Encadrement scientifique: Didier Jézéquel et Eric Viollier.
1999-2000 Master of Fondamental and Appled Geochemistry, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, Université Paris 7
1998-1999 Graduation in Earth Sciences, section Geology, UP7
1997-1998 Graduation in Earth Sciences, section Gechemistry, UP7
1996-1997 Licence in Earth Sciences, UP7
1994-1996 Elementary and general universitary diplome in Natural Sciences, section Earth Sciences, section Earth Sciences, UP7

Field training classes
1998-1999 Sources, rivers and lakes geochemistry around Bort les Orgues, Massif Central, advisor Gil Michard 
Tectonics of Héric gorges, Hérault, advisor Jean Pascal Cogné
1996-1997 1996-1997 « Stratigraphy in Normandy », « Cartography in Languedoc », « Alpine geological cross section », advisor Jean Marcoux
1995-1996 Introduction to Geology in Languedoc, advisor Gérard Noiret

Laboratory training  classes
1999-2000 « Voltammetric study of speciation of cadmium in East Manch estuaries », Laboratoire de Géochimie des Eaux, advisors Didier Jézéquel and Eric Viollier 
1998-1999 1998-1999 « Temporal study of Seine geochemistry »,  Laboratoire de Géochimie et Cosmochimie, IPGP-P7, advisor Jérôme Gaillardet 
1997-1998 «Rb-Sr dating of a granit from Tibet», Laboratoire de Géochronologie, IPGP-P7, under direction of Urs Shärer, managed by Catherine Carbonne 
«Isotopic and chemical composition of volcanic gasses from the Soufrière volcan», Laboratoire de Géochimie des Isotopes Stables, IPGP-P7, under direction of Marc Javoy, managed by Pierre Agrinier
1995-1996 «Palynologic study of sediments from Liban», Laboratoire de Paléobotanique du MNHN, undr direction of Philippe Taquet, managed by Jean Dejax

2003-2004 "Water Geochemistry", Master Géophysique de Surface et Subsurface, IPGP, 40h. Application of chemistry as a tool of geophysical prospection. Applied problems
"Analytical Chemistry", graduation in Environmental Sciences, UP7, 40h. Analyse of a domestic water. Flame- AAS, spectrophotometry, Winkler titration, potentiometry,…
2002-2003 « Analytical geochemistry ateliers » graduation in Geochemistry, UFR des Sciences Physiques de la Terre, UP7, 8h. Alkalinity measurement of a fountain watezr using two methods, Gran titration and spectophotometry
2001-2002 « Physico-chemistry of natural and polluted environments » maîtrise de chimie, UFR de Chimie, UP7, 36h. Analyse of different mineral waters by capillary electrophoresis, Ca and Sr determination by flame AAS in a marine water, analyse of DOC of a domestic water, alkalinity measurement of a marine water by Gran titration 

Research field trips
2002-2003 SEPETIBA 2. November. Mobility of dissolved metals in a tropical mangrove, Itacuruça, Brazil. Spring campain
SEPETIBA 3. February. Summer campain 
MICROBENT 5. May. Benthic fluxes in Thau Lagoon, France. Different spatial and temporal sampling scales.
2001-2002 SEPETIBA 1. January and February. Preliminary study of porewater in Sepetiba bay and Itacuruça mangrove. 
MICROBENT 1. December-January. Winter campain
MICROBENT 2. April-May. Spring campain
MICROBENT 3. August. Summer campain
2000-2001 Flux Benthique. Preliminary study of porewater in Thau lagoon.
1999-2000 «MERCAUX 2 ». august  2000. Study of dissolved metallic contaminants mobility in Seine estuary and Pays de Caux coast


Accepted papers

Sedimentary record of redox-sensitive elements (U, Mn, Mo) in a transitory anoxic basin (the Thau lagoon, France).
F. Elbaz-Poulichet, J.-L. Seidel, D. Jézéquel, E. Metzger , F. Prévot, C. Simonucci , G. Sarazin, E. Viollier, H. Etcheber, J.-M. Jouanneau, O. Weber, O. Radakovitch.
Accepted in Marine Chemistry

Two-dimensional determination of dissolved iron and sulfur species in marine sediment pore-waters by thin-films based imaging. Thau lagoon (France).
D. Jézéquel , R. Brayner, E. Metzger, E. Viollier, F. Prévot, F. Fiévet.
Accepted in Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

Submitted papers

Pore waters signature of biogeochemical processes in sediments of Thau lagoon (MICROBENT program).
E. Metzger, C. Simonucci, D. Jézéquel, E. Viollier, G. Sarazin, F. Prévot.
Submitted to Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Sciences

Millimetre scale alkalinity measurement in marine sediment using DET probe and colorimetric determination.
E. Metzger, D. Jézéquel, E. Viollier, C. Simonucci, G. Sarazin, F. Prévot.
Submitted to Limnology and oceanography, methods

Influence of diagenetic processes in Thau lagoon on cadmium behavior and benthic fluxes.
E. Metzger, D. Jézéquel, F. Elbaz-Poulichet, C. Simonucci, E. Viollier, G. Sarazin, J.-L. Seidel, F.Prévot .
Submitted to Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Sciences

Uranium immobilization in coastal sediment.
C. Simonucci, E. Viollier,  E. Metzger,  G. Sarazin, F. Prévot, P. Anschutz, P. Lecroart, G. Chaillou, F. Elbaz-Poulichet.
Submitted to Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Sciences

Papers in preparation

Iodine internal cycling in shallow marine sediment (Thau lagoon, France).
C. Simonucci, E. Viollier, E. Metzger,  G. Sarazin, F. Prévot.
To be submitted to Environmental Science & Technology

Geochemical characterisation of porewater in two contrasted sites in the Sepetiba bay.
E. Metzger, S. Patchineelam, D. Jézéquel, G. Sarazin, In prep.

Tide effects on diagenetical processes in mangrove of Itacuruça.
E. Metzger, S. Patchineelam, D. Jézéquel, G. Sarazin, In prep.

Interactions between Oxygen, Iron and Sulfide Cycles and Relation with pH: a Microscale Multitechnique Approach.
K. Dedieu, E. Metzger, C. Simonucci, C. Rabouille, D. Jézéquel, E. Viollier,, G. Sarazin and F. Prévot, In prep.


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Technologies in situ à haute résolution spatiale pour l'étude des processus biogéochimiques à l'interface eau-sédiment.  D. Jézéquel, E. Viollier, C. Simonucci, E. Metzger, F. Prévot, D. Lavergne, M. Evrard et G. Sarazin. LGE. C. Rabouille et P. Lhenoret. LSCE. P. Anchutz et G. Chaillou. DGO. R. de Witt. LOB. (2002) Compte-rendu d'activités PNEC-ATI. .pdf (100 ko)

Biogeochemical Dynamics In Shallow Marine Sediments. D. Jézéquel, E. Viollier, E. Metzger, C. Simonucci, G. Sarazin, D. Lavergne, M. Evrard & F. Prévot,.LGE. C. Rabouille. LSCE. J.-J. Bourrand, LGIS (2002) BENTHIC DYNAMICS: IN-SITU SURVEILLANCE OF THE SEDIMENT-WATER INTERFACE Aberdeen, Scotland, March 25th - 29th, 2002. .pdf (1000 ko)

Kinetic study of uranium and iodine transport across the marine sediment-water interface. C. Simonucci, E. Viollier, D. Jézéquel, G. Sarazin, E. Metzger et F. Prévot. LGE. P. Anschutz. DGO. J.-J. Bourrand.LGIS. (2002). EGS 2002. Nice. .pdf (1000 ko)

Metals distribution obtained by gel probes through the sediment/water interface in a Mediterranean Lagoon. E. Metzger, D. Jézéquel, B. Muresan, C. Simonucci, E. Viollier, G. Sarazin, F. Prévot, M. Pèpe, D. Lavergne LGE, J.-J. Bourrand. LGIS. (2002). European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry, december 11-14 2002, Geneva, Switzeland. .pdf (1000 ko)

Les nouveaux outils d'investigation des fluides sédimentaires superficiels: vers des technologies in situ de haute résolution . C. Rabouille1, D. Jézéquel2 E. Viollier2, P. Anschutz3, R. De Wit4, K. Dedieu1, E. Metzger2,G. Chaillou3, C.Simonucci2,B. Muresan2 F. Prévot2 et G. Sarazin2  (2003).
1LSCE, CEA-CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette ; 2LGE, Université Denis Diderot-Paris 7 ; 3EPOC-DGO, Université Bordeaux I ; 4EPOC-LOB Arcachon, Université Bordeaux I
Compte-rendu d'activités PNEC-ATI. .pdf (645 ko)

Oral presentations:

Spéciation du cadmium en mesure directe dans l'estuaire de la Seine. E. Metzger, D. Jézéquel, E. Viollier, F. Prévot et G. Sarazin (2001) XXIII Colloque de l'Union des Océanographes de France. 5-7 septembre 2001. Villeneuve d'Ascq. Résumé. Abstract.

Distribution du cadmium à l’interface eau-sédiment dans deux milieux côtiers:  l’Étang de Thau (France) et la Baie de Sepetiba (Brésil). E. Metzger, D. Jézéquel, B. Muresan, C. Simonucci, E. Viollier, F. Prévot et G. Sarazin (2002) Congrès des Doctorants de l'IPGP. 19-21 mars 2002. Résumé.

Dynamique des contaminants dans le sédiment : mesure à haute résolution spatiale de la composition des eaux interstitielles au moyen de peepers gel. D Jézéquel, F Prévot, G Sarazin, E Viollier, E Metzger, C Simonucci, B Muresan, M Pèpe, D Lavergne J-J Bourrand. Colloquium Microbent Project. Gif s/Yvette. july 2002

Distribution du cadmium dans les eaux interstitielles des sédiments de l'Etang de Thau (France) et de la Baie de Sepetiba (Brésil). E. Metzger, D. Jézéquel, C. Simonucci, E. Viollier, F. Prévot S. Patchineelam et G. Sarazin (2003) Congrès des Doctorants de l'IPGP. 11-13 mars 2003. Résumé.

Diagenèse précoce dans les sédiments de l’étang de Thau : impact sur la mobilité des métaux . E. Metzger, C. Simonucci, D. Jézéquel, E. Viollier, G. Sarazin, F. Prévot. (2003) Final Colloquium Microbent Project. Nantes. november 17-18  2003. Résumé.