PARODY-JA is a branching of the PARODY numerical code originally developed by Emmanuel Dormy and Julien Aubert, to simulate Boussinesq convection and magnetic induction in a rotating spherical shell. PARODY-JA is maintained by Julien Aubert and can be obtained upon request.



Parallel speedup of PARODY-JA on the French GENCI supercomputers (Occigen/CINES and Irene Joliot-Curie/TGCC)

Dynamical Magnetic Fieldline Imaging (DMFI)

DMFI is a numerical visualization algorithm written by J. Aubert, designed to track magnetic field lines in MHD numerical simulations. DMFI is described in

J. Aubert, J. Aurnou, J. Wicht: The magnetic structure of convection-driven numerical dynamos
Geophys. J. Int. 172, 945-956 (2008), doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2007.03693.x (click on the paper title for details)

The present page is a repository for the supplementary material of this paper. Please click on the links to see the movies, right-click to download them onto your computer:

Movie 1 (Quicktime, JPEG codec): Top view (left panel) and side view (right panel) of magnetic fieldlines in the spherical shell dynamo model C (see text). The fieldlines are tinted in red/blue when they are parallel/antiparallel to the rotation axis. The inner and outer boundaries are color-coded with the radial component of the magnetic field (red is outwards). In addition, the outer boundary is made selectively transparent, with a transparency level that is inversely proportional to the local radial magnetic field. The time evolution of fieldlines follows the DMFI algorithm (see text).

Movie 2 (Quicktime, JPEG codec): Same as movie 1, for model T (see text)

Movie 3 (Quicktime, JPEG codec): Sideview movie of helical plumes in laboratory experimental simulations of tangent cylinder convection. Water is the working fluid; fluorescein dye marks the two plumes. Control parameters: flux Rayleigh number Ra_F = 4.4 10^9; Ekman number E = 4.3 10^{-5}, corresponding to a rotation period of T = 7.0 s. the movie spans approximately 10 rotation periods. Further experimental details can be found in Aurnou, J., S. Andreadis, L. Zhu, and P. Olson (2003), Experiments on convection in Earth's core tangent cylinder, Earth Plan. Sci. Let., 212, 119-134.

You can download the MATLAB source code of DMFI by following this link.

The Parody-JA MHD numerical simulation code