An integrated web-based system for observatories networks management and monitoring

François Beauducel and Didier Lafon
Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris - Observatoires Volcanologiques et Sismologiques


WebObs is an integrated web-based system for data monitoring and networks management. Seismological and volcanological observatories have common needs and often common practical problems for multi disciplinary data monitoring applications. In fact, access to integrated data in real-time and estimation of uncertainties are keys for an efficient interpretation, but instruments variety, heterogeneity of data sampling and acquisition systems lead to difficulties that may hinder crisis management. In the Guadeloupe observatory, we have developed in the last 15 years an operational system that attempts to answer the questions in the context of a pluri-instrumental observatory. Based on a single computer server, open source scripts (with few binaries) and a Web interface, the system proposes:

WebObs is described in the following paper: Beauducel F., D. Lafon, X. Béguin, J.-M. Saurel, A. Bosson, D. Mallarino, P. Boissier, C. Brunet, A. Lemarchand, C. Anténor-Habazac, A. Nercessian, A. A. Fahmi (2020). WebObs: The volcano observatories missing link between research and real-time monitoring, Frontiers in Earth Sciences, doi:10.3389/feart.2020.00048.

IMPORTANT: when upgrading from a previous version, please read carefully the information at the end of the procedure: some updates may require changes in your configuration files.

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A detailed documentation WebObs_Manual.pdf (in progress) is available in the DOC/user-manual directory after extraction of the archive .tgz.

Source code, comments and issues are available at repository github.com/IPGP/webobs.