Olivier Devauchelle

Dynamique des Fluides Géologiques
Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris

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  • Institut de Physique du Globe - Bureau 461
    1 rue Jussieu
    75238 Paris cedex 05
    Phone: +33 (0)1 83 95 77 01

    Research interests

  • Secondary currents in open-channel flows

  • Ravines network formation by seepage erosion

  • Rhomus-shaped erosion patterns

  • Rivers morphodynamics

  • Wetting transition, moving contact line

  • Publications

  • Geometry of meandering and braided gravel-bed threads from the Bayanbulak Grassland, Tianshan, PR China, F. Métivier, O. Devauchelle, H. Chauvet, E. Lajeunesse, P. Meunier, K. Blanckaert, P. Ashmore, Zh. Zhang, Y. Fan, Y. Liu, Zh. Dong, B. Ye, Earth Surface Dynamics, 4, 1, 2016

  • Path selection in the growth of rivers, Y. Cohen, O. Devauchelle, H.F. Seybold, R.S. Yi, P. Szymczak, D.H. Rothman, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112, 46, 14132-14137, 2015

  • Morphology of the Kosi megafan channels, K. Gaurav, F. Métivier, O. Devauchelle, R. Sinha, H. Chauvet, M. Houssais, H. Bouquerel, Earth Surface Dynamics, 3, 3, 321-331, 2015

  • Response of a laboratory aquifer to rainfall, A. Guérin, O. Devauchelle, E. Lajeunesse, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 759, R1, 2014 [preprint]

  • Erosive effects of the storm Helena (1963) on Basse Terre Island (Guadeloupe-Lesser Antilles Arc), P Allemand, C Delacourt, E Lajeunesse, O Devauchelle, F Beauducel, Geomorphology, 206, 79-86, 2014

  • Diffusive evolution of experimental braided rivers, MD Reitz, DJ Jerolmack, E Lajeunesse, A Limare, O Devauchelle, F Métivier, Physical Review E, 89, 5, 052809, 2014

  • Laboratory alluvial fans in one dimension, L Guerit, F Métivier, O Devauchelle, E Lajeunesse, L Barrier, Physical Review E, 90, 2, 022203, 2014 [preprint]

  • Recirculation cells in a wide channel, H Chauvet, O Devauchelle, F Métivier, E Lajeunesse, A Limare, Physics of Fluids, 26, 1, 016604, 2014 [preprint]

  • Experimental investigation on self-channelized erosive gravity currents, P Weill, E Lajeunesse, O Devauchelle, F Métiver, A Limare, B Chauveau, D Mouazé, Journal of Sedimentary Research, 84, 6, 487-498, 2014

  • Cross-stream diffusion in bedload transport, G Seizilles, E Lajeunesse, O Devauchelle, M Bak, Physics of Fluids, 26, 1, 013302, 2014 [preprint]

  • Tracer dispersion in bedload transport, E Lajeunesse, O Devauchelle, M Houssais, G Seizille, Adv. Geosci., 37, 1-6, 2013

  • Bifurcation dynamics of natural drainage networks, AP Petroff, O Devauchelle, H Seybold, DH Rothman, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 371, 2004, 20120365, 2013

  • Width of laminar laboratory rivers, G Seizilles, O Devauchelle, E Lajeunesse, F Métivier, Physical Review E, 87, 5, 052204, 2013 [preprint]

  • Shape and dynamics of seepage erosion in a horizontal granular bed, M Berhanu, AP Petroff, O Devauchelle, A Kudrolli, DH Rothman, Physical Review E, 86, 4, 041304, 2012

  • Four remarks on the growth of channel networks, AP Petroff, O Devauchelle, A Kudrolli, DH Rothman, Comptes Rendus Geoscience, 344, 1, 33-40, 2012 [preprint]

  • Bedforms in a turbulent stream: ripples, chevrons and antidunes, B Andreotti, P Claudin, O Devauchelle, O Durán, A Fourrière, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 690, 94-128, 2012 [preprint]

  • Ramification of stream networks, O Devauchelle, AP Petroff, H Seybold, DH Rothman, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109, 51, 20832-20836, 2012

  • Longitudinal profile of channels cut by springs, O Devauchelle, AP Petroff, AE Lobkovsky, DH Rothman, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 667, 38-47, 2011 [preprint]

  • Geometry of valley growth, AP Petroff, O Devauchelle, DM Abrams, AE Lobkovsky, A Kudrolli, DH Rothman, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 673, 245-254, 2011

  • Stability of bedforms in laminar flows with free surface: from bars to ripples, O Devauchelle, L Malverti, E Lajeunesse, P-Y Lagrée, C Josserand, K-D Thu-Lam, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 642, 329-348, 2010 [preprint]

  • Rhomboid beach pattern: a laboratory investigation, O Devauchelle, L Malverti, E Lajeunesse, C Josserand, P-Y Lagrée, F Métivier, Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 115, F2, 2010 [preprint]

  • Mobile bank conditions for laminar microrivers, O Devauchelle, C Josserand, PY Lagrée, S Zaleski, Comptes Rendus Geoscience, 340, 11, 732-740, 2008 [preprint]

  • Morphodynamic modeling of erodible laminar channels, O. Devauchelle, C. Josserand, P.Y. Lagrée, S. Zaleski, Physical Review E, 76, 5, 056318, 2007 [preprint]

  • Forced dewetting on porous media, O Devauchelle, C Josserand, S Zaleski, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 574, 343-364, 2007 [preprint]

  • Miscellaneous publications

  • Dissolution in a porous rock: effect on the concentration-discharge relationships, O. Devauchelle, F. Metivier, E. Lajeunesse, J. Gaillardet, J.-F. Didon-Lescot, Y. Liu and B. Ye, Proceedings of RCEM 2011

  • My PhD thesis (in French)