Aegean Tectonics / Corinth Rift – ALErT project


How do sea-level curves influence modeled marine terrace sequences

De Gelder, Jara-Muñoz, Melnick, Fernández-Blanco, …, Lacassin, Quaternary Science Reviews, 2020.

Please refer to the published papers and to these pages while using figures and data

Geometry of flexural uplift by continental rifting in Corinth, Greece

Fernández-Blanco, De Gelder, Lacassin, Armijo, Tectonics, 2020.

A new crustal fault formed the modern Corinth Rift.

Fernández-Blanco, De Gelder, Lacassin, Armijo, Earth Science Reviews, 2019.

Lithospheric flexure and rheology determined by climate cycles markers in the Corinth Rift.

De Gelder, Fernández-Blanco, Melnick, Duclaux, Bell, Jara-Muñoz, Armijo, Lacassin, Scientific Reports, 2019.

In the frame of the ITN project ALErT funded by the European Commission (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions), I supervised the work of Gino De Gelder (PhD) and David Fernández-Blanco (Post-doc) on the Plio-Quaternary tectonics of the Aegean. We targeted several regional sites, from S Peloponnese to the islands of Kythira, Crete and Rhodes, and, as summarized below, the rapidly opening Corinth Rift.


David Fernández-Blanco after a stay at Imperial College London as Research Associate, moved to Barcelona. David on Research Gate - His personal web pages. David is also the present EGU-TS early career scientists representative.

After participating to the Corinth IODP exp. 381 during a first post-doc at IPGP, Gino De Gelder moved to ISTerre in Grenoble for a post-doc funded by CNES. Gino on Research Gate - His perso web pages