Martine Simoes


Chargée de recherche (Assistant Professor) -  CNRS


Tectonique et Mécanique de la Lithosphère

Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris

1 rue Jussieu

75 238 Paris cedex 05 


Office : 213

Tel : (+33) (0)1 83 85 76 26

e-mail : simoes (at)


(Last updated : october 2018)

=> Opening for a post-doctoral position in Structural Geology / Tectonics at IPGP, for ~24 months, starting at latest by january 2020. For more information, click here!

Professional experience and academic background

- since oct. 2007 : Chargée de Recherche (CNRS) at Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (France)

- 2006-2007 : Post-doctoral fellow at Géosciences Rennes (France) in collaboration with J. Braun (Géosciences Rennes).

- 2002-2005 – PhD (IPGP, Paris)): « Crustal deformation and thermal evolution of a collisional orogen : example of Taiwan ». Realized at CalTech (USA). Advisor: JP Avouac (Caltech).

- 2002 - DEA (Master) Physics and Internal Geodynamics ENS - Univ. ParisXI

- 1999-2004 : Student at ENS Paris

Research Interests

- Kinematics of deformation of mountain ranges, over different time and space scales : from the seismic cycle to long-term (ie over Myr) deformation.

- Geomorphology and active tectonics: how do rivers respond to active deformation ? How is this deformation recorded in the landscape?

- Interactions between tectonics and surface processes

- Seismic hazards

My research is essentially based on the morphological analysis of active tectonics, at an intermediate time scale (~1s kyr to ~100s kyr), and aims at linking this deformation to long-term tectonics or to the seismic cycle, by integrating results from other disciplines (structural geology, petrology, thermochronology, sedimentology, geomorphology, Quaternary dating, seismology, geodesy, etc).


=> Ongoing projects:

- Kinematics of deformation of the Western Kunlun mountain range (Xinjiang, China) over variable spatial and temporal scales, and implications for regional seismic hazards.

(with PhD student Christelle Guilbaud)

- Structural architecture and mountain-building of the Central Andes (Chili).

(PhD project of Magali Riesner - defended - , and with PhD student Tania Habel)

- Geomorphology and active deformation of the Himalayas (Bhutan).

(in collaboration with PhD student Timothée Sassolas - Serrayet from Géosciences Montpellier)

- Active deformation and mountain-building of the Taiwan range.

( with Master student Valentine Lefils)


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