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Bartolomé Coll

Systèmes de Référence Relativistes
Observatoire de Paris
61, Avenue de l'Observatoire
75014 Paris, France


On Line Papers:
  • About deformation and rigidity in relativity (Slides for ERE 2006). PDF
  • A Universal Law of Gravitational Deformation for General Relativity. PDF
  • The Newtonian Point Particle (Coll & Ferrando). PDF
  • Local Thermal Equilibrium and Ideal Gas Stephani Universes (Coll & Ferrando). PDF
  • Ideal Gas Stephani Universes (Coll & Ferrando). PDF
  • Physics of Relativistic Perfect Fluids (Coll & Ferrando). PDF
  • Concepts for a Theory of the Electromagnetic Field. PDF
Coordinate Systems and Frames:
  • Relativistic positioning systems: the emission coordinates (Coll, Pozo). PDF
  • Positioning with stationary emitters in a two-dimensional space-time (Coll, Ferrando & Morales). PDF
  • Two-dimensional approach to relativistic positioning systems (Coll, Ferrando & Morales). PDF
  • Relativistic Positioning Systems (arXiv:gr-qc/0601110v2). PDF
  • A Galactic Positioning System (Coll & Tarantola; Poster for JSR 2003). PDF
  • Un système de positionnement galactique (Coll & Tarantola; Slides for Grex 2003). PDF
  • A Principal Positioning System for the Earth (arXiv:gr-qc/0306043). PDF
  • A Principal Positioning System for the Earth (Slides for Grex 2002). PDF
  • Physical Relativistic Frames. PDF
  • Physical Relativistic Frames (Slides for Grex 2001). PDF
  • Elements for a Theory of Relativistic Coordinate Systems: Formal and Physical Aspects. PDF
  • 199 Causal Classes of Space-time Frames (Coll & Morales). PDF.  Poster: PDF
  • Light Coordinates in Relativity. PDF
  • Coordenadas Luz en Relatividad. PDF
  • On the Leibniz bracket, the Schouten bracket and the Laplacian (Coll & Ferrando). PDF
  • Three-Dimensional Metrics as Deformations of a Constant Curvature Metric (Coll, Llosa & Soler). PDF
  • Composition of Lorentz Transformations in Terms of their Generators (Coll & San José). PDF
  • Almost-Product Structures in Relativity (Coll & Ferrando). PDF
  • De lo uno a lo mucho. PDF
  • Enseñar lo que se enseña. PDF
  • Enseigner ce que l'on enseigne. PDF
  • Sobre el plagi en ciència. PDF
  • Conocer el espacio-tiempo. PDF



  • Paco Diaz Velazquez. PDF
  • ...

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