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Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry (ICP- MS) allows the quantification of trace and ultra-trace elements (mg/kg to pg/kg) by separating elements as a function of their mass-to-charge ratios (m/z) after ionisation into an argon plasma. Nevertheless, the provided "Results" module is uneasy to use and the generated raw data are very long to treat using an "homemade" spreadsheet.

user-FRiendly Elemental dAta proceSsIng

So as to provide a free, easy-to-use and fast data treatment software to the ICP-MS users community, authors have developed uFREASI.


The processing is the step-by-step procedure used by uFREASI to calculate concentration from raw intensities. Processing steps are represented by rounded rectangles and decisions by diamonds.


This procedure increases the quickness of data treatment and improves its reliability. Also, in order to control the validity of the external calibration, the stability and the cleanliness of the device after analysis, uFREASI gives automatically the possibility to monitor important analytical parameters.


The following tutorial shows an example of the treatment and the monitoring by uFREASI:


uFREASI is made for ICP-MS users. This software:

  • Minimizes data treatment time and increases reliability
  • Allows a post-analysis control on important parameters
  • Is handy and friendly to use through simple graphical interfaces


  • Mickaël Tharaud: ICP-MS expert
    tharaud [at] ipgp.fr
    Univ. Paris Diderot
    Sorbonne Paris Cité
    Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
    F-75005 Paris
  • Sébastien Gardoll: current developer
    sebastien.gardoll [at] telecom-paristech.fr
    TELECOM ParisTech
    Département INFRES
    46 rue Barrault
    75634 Paris CEDEX 13

Download links

  • uFREASI is freely downloadable (LGPLv3 license) on this website for different operating systems:

  • The article referring to our software is dowloadable here

  • Source code hosted on GitHub is freely clonable and forkable here

  • The standard and quality control predefined template, necessary for uFREASI, is downloadable here.

  • Moreover, reference files (e.g. calibration coefficients, output concentrations, etc.) are downloadable here.