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Research Departments

Cosmochemistry, Astrophysics and Experimental Geophysics

  Research Interests and Themes

Research conducted by CAGE's members


- Formation of the Solar System, infall of the presolar molecular cloud and evolution of the accretion disk

- Formation of the first solids and the first planetesimals in the Solar accretion disk

- Formation of the satellites of the terrestrial planets

- Accretion and primordial differenciation of the Earth and other terrestrial planets 

- Chemical composition of deep Earth reservoirs (core and mantle)

- Physico-chemical properties of deep Earth minerals and rocks (e.g. silicate minerals and rocks, solid and molten iron alloys)

- Isotopic fractionnation linked to the formation of the Earth's core. 

- Origin and evolution of planetary atmospheres

- Hadean and archean Earth

- Geochemical cycles, mantle geochemistry