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  Knowledge Exchange (KE) at the IPGP

The institut de physique du globe de Paris (IPGP) is a world-renowned research institute dedicated to research and teaching in Earth Sciences. In France, the IPGP has the status of "Grand Etablissement" (a public institution under ministerial charter), and is a joint research unit of the CNRS comprising 500 people. The IPGP is organized into 16 coordinated and autonomous research teams.


The IPGP has a policy of fundamental research and training which actively encourages individuals and companies to be involved in a range of activities for the promotion of research development and knowledge exchange, including R&D, the development of innovative prototypes and demonstration-models, as well as the supervision and setting up of CIFRE theses (an industrial convention for training through research). The IPGP is also involved in managing on-site traineeships in all professional areas at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as running training programmes at initial and continuing level. R&D, innovation, prototypes, supervising CIFRE thesis (industrial conventions of training through research), monitoring internships in all professional sectors for bachelor and master degrees, and providing vocational education (initial and continuing education).


The IPGP knowledge exchange team serves as an effective interface between industry and all those involved in research (whether post-graduates, full-time researchers, academics, technicians or engineers) and as such is firmly committed to R&D and innovation: it aims to foster dialogue, to provide guidance and advice, as well as to monitor technological development.


Our objectives:
To protect the interests of the IPGP in terms of intellectual property, especially the interests of its researchers;
To raise awareness and provide training on industrial property law for all concerned, as well as to recognise potential research opportunities;
To establish a productive framework to support the initial stages of research, and to foster collaboration with the private sector;
To ensure the exchange of technical knowledge between university researchers and industry;
To help in the setting up, negotiation and management of knowledge exchange projects;
To promote the creation of new businesses based on innovations achieved in our laboratories;
To manage and increase the value of the IPGP's patent portfolio.


This applies to the following fields:
Geophysics, Geotechnics - Natural Resources, Natural Risks - Energy, Hydrocarbons - Sustainable Development, Environment - Water, Hydrogeology, Pollution, Waste Management - Remote Sensing, Space Technology - CO2 Storage.