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  Postdoctoral associate in Critical Zone geochemistry

• Contract: 2-year full-time contract from 1st May 2021 - Remuneration of 2500 € / month


• Mission: Research Team: Geochemistry of External Envelopes - Project: ANR-funded project under the Make Our Planet Great Again program. The ANR research project “CZ-TOP” seeks to integrate stable isotope tracers with reactive transport and non-steady state hydrologic modeling to gain an improved understanding of the processes that control concentration-discharge relationships in watersheds. The project will have positions available for two post-doctoral scholars. We seek individuals with interests in developing new collaborative approaches in non-traditional isotope geochemistry, reactive transport modeling, and non-steady state hydrologic modeling in the Critical Zone. More information about the project is available at

• Activities:

- Sample collection, preparation and analysis of water, sediment and soil samples for geochemical and isotopic characterization.

- Refinement of techniques for isotopic time series measurements.

- Incorporation of geochemical and isotopic data into reaction models for Critical Zone processes.
- Application and development of non-steady state hydrologic models to experimental watersheds, and integration with hydrochemical data.
- Integration of sampling design and data with hydrologic data and models.

• Location: Work will be based at IPGP, Paris. Projects will also include field work within France, potentially including Overseas Departments and Territories. Field work sites may include international sites in Europe or elsewhere.

• Applications: Send CV, covering letter and references (please provide contact information for two persons who can evaluate your scientific abilities and suitability for the position) to

• To download: PDF iconjob description in PDF

Publication date: 
01 February 2021