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  Postdoctoral position in physical volcanicalogy

• Contract: 12 month full time contract (with possibility of extension in case of successful funding opportunity) to be filled from 1 March 2022. Remuneration according to experience from 2563€ gross / month.

• Missions: Magma ascent rates are a key control of eruption dynamics and strongly depend on complex interactions between magma viscosity, pre-eruptive volatile budgets, permeable magma outgassing and pre-eruptive storage conditions (P, T, X, plumbing system configuration and evolution). Currently, methods to estimate pre and syn-eruptive magma ascent rates rely on a combination of geophysical, geochemical and petrological methods of which none of them give a complete picture of the process. Recent research has developed and used some of these tools, however there is a need for a more detailed understanding on what’s measured and how reliable these measurements are. Besides, links between observations of natural deposits and models is not always obvious and should be better detailed. Combining petrological and textural observations of natural volcanic deposits with numerical models could be one of the keys to the problem.


During this contract, the candidate will use a range of petrological tools as well as monitoring data to accurately estimate pre-eruptive volatile budgets and magma ascent rates of some of the volcanoes monitored by IPGP, including those at Martinique, Guadeloupe, or La Reunion (to be discussed). The goal would be to obtain reliable data from the natural deposits and monitoring to use them in numerical models in order to better constrain eruption processes and future eruption scenarios.

• Activities:

- Selection of the studied site, methods and samples to be used for the project
- Petrological analyses (SEM, EPMA, SIMS, etc.) such as major, trace elements and volatiles
- Interpretations:
> Diffusion modelling in some phase of interest (pyroxene, apatite, glass)
> Quantitative textural analyses of volcanic deposits (Vesicles, microlites)
> Correlation between observations (field, monitoring) and petrological analyses,
> Use of existing numerical models (i.e. Conflow, Confort 15…) and collaboration to develop or improve new ones.

- Main activity will be to carry-on the research project that will consist in linking petrological and monitoring observations with numerical models in order to better characterize eruption dynamics and scenario at the studied volcanoes.
- Report the research and communicate it by participating in international workshops and conferences and writing high quality research papers
- Participating in scientific discussions, collaborations and other events held and organize by the institution.

• Location: "Systèmes volcaniques" team, Institut de physique du globe de Paris, 1 rue Jussieu 75005 Paris

Applications: CV and cover letter to be sent before February 21, 2022 to Fidel Costa:

• To download: PDF iconjob description in PDF


Publication date: 
14 February 2022