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Virtual Earthquake and seismology Research Community e-science environment in Europe


The project VERCE – Virtual Earthquake and seismology Research Community e-science Environment – is FP7-Infrastructure-2011-2 project involving ten European partners from seismology, research informatics, and infrastructure providers ( VERCE is developing a data-intensive e-science environment to enable innovative data analysis and modelling methods that fully exploit the increasing wealth of open, digital data generated by the observational and monitoring systems of the seismology community. The VERCE strategy is driven by the needs of the earthquake and seismology applications. VERCE is delivering: a computational seismology service for simulating seismic wave-field generated by earthquakes and predicting ground motion; a toolkit for seismologists analysing data generated by observational systems and simulations, including both events and continuous waveforms analysis; an extensive collection of data handling services, components and algorithms that are used at different stages in the above contributions and which are suitable for use in Earth sciences and other domains in many cases; an e-Infrastructure framework that provides to seismologists an integrated means of using all these services, tools and algorithms, and that will facilitate further advances in data-intensive computational seismology. VERCE is a major contribution to the implementation phase of the European Plate Observatory System (EPOS), the ESFRI project of the solid earth community in Europe.