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  Chercheur postdoctoral SEIS/FSS en sismologie comparée Mars/Lune

• Contract: 2-year full-time contract from 1st February 2022 - Remuneration of 3150-3370€ per month for gross salary, (2565-2743€ net salary) depending of experience after PhD.

• Mission & activities: The InSight Observation service of the Institut de physique du globe de Paris is responsible for the SEIS experiment and its Very Broad Band sensors) onboard NASA InSight lander, in operation on Mars since February 2019 in Elysium Planitia and for the future Very Broad Band vertical sensor of the Farside Seismic Suite, to be deployed on the Moon in early 2025 in the farside Schrödinger bassin. These two seismic experiments on Mars and the Moon will provide exciting comparative seismological analysis of both the seismicity of Mars and the Moon and of Mars and Moon internal structure. The InSight/FSS SNO group has about 15 scientists, postdoc, PhDs and engineers.


In the framework of these two projects, the Planetary and Space Science team of the Institut de physique du globe de Paris (IPGP) is searching candidates for a two years postdoctoral position, with an extension possibility by a third year. This position will be based at Université de Paris, Paris Rive Gauche campus. The recruited postdoc will contribute to the following SEIS/InSight and FSS mission activities for about 40% of his working time:

- for InSight and together with the IPGP InSight operation team, she/he will contribute to the weekly data analysis, including data pre-processing when needed and event selection processes

- for FSS, she/he will contribute to developing the FSS VBB data analysis software, aiming to analyze the FSS data together with data from Apollo and any other future missions, in order to better detect, characterize and classify deep moonquakes and invert from these the deep structure of the Moon.


She/he will contribute to science analysis in one or several of the science theme InSight working groups for 40% of the working time, with focus depending on her/his expertise. The remaining 20% will be made available for the selected postdoc’s personal researches.

• Location: 39 Rue Hélène Brion, 75013 Paris

• Applications: Proposals must submitted by email sent to Pr. P. Lognonné (, Email subject : Application to SEIS-FSS Postdoc

Proposal must include a CV, a cover letter, a 4 pages research proposal for the 40% of time associated to InSight research and the 20% personal research. All candidate proposals sent no later than the first Monday of each month, starting Monday 3rd January 2022, will be examined monthly until postdoc recruitment. An early start of the position is wished but later start can also be made if compatible with project obligations.

• More informations: PDF iconjob description in PDF


Date de publication : 
07 Décembre 2021