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Géochimie des isotopes stables

  Fractionnements isotopiques

Interpretations in stable isotope geochemistry can be limited by available experimental determinations/investigations of isotope fractionation(s).  Recently or presently, in our laboratory, this includes :

- oxygen-isotopes fractionation between uranium-oxide and water, in order to investigate the conditions under which natural UO2 is generated (coll. With E. Pili, CEA & associate professor at IPGP)
- carbon-isotope and O-isotope fractionation associated to bacterial carbonation (Organic matter assimilation (oxydation) - CO2 production - CO2 hydroxylation - carbonate precipitation), in particular we wish to check if any vital effect occurs that could be used as a tracer.
- the isotope vapor pressure effect of SF6 between ice and vapor as well as for other fluoride compounds.
- other investigations aims to explore the conditions under which mass-independent (or anomalous) isotope fractionations can be produced with and without UV photolysis.


caractériser le fractionnement isotopique associé a la précipitation de carbonates microbiens, et en particulier à vérifier s’ils présentent un effet vital qui pourrait être utilisé comme traceur .