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Résumé du programme: 


The program description is written for STEP students. For these students, the objectives of the tutored project can be summarized as follows:
1- Learn how to use a spread sheet software with Libre Office Calc. The students will learn how to manipulate the cells, enter the values they and format spread sheets as they wish.
2- To be able to use a spread sheet software for future numerical analyses and statistics, the students will learn mathematical manipulation with Libre Office Calc. The students will be asked to calculate simple mathematical equations by entering manually equations. They will also learn to use preprogrammed functions to further explore the mathematical manipulation with the spread sheet software. The student will learn, for example, how to calculate sum, average, or standard deviation of a given table to be familiar with the preprogrammed functions. 
3- Learn how to make different types of figures. Using the manipulation the students learned in previous courses, the student will be asked to plot a given dataset.

4- As a first example of numerical and mathematical investigation using a spread sheet software, the student will learn how to carry out statistical analyses. This will be summary of all courses before and the students will be using all the competencies of a spread sheet manipulations.  Students will create a table, visualize it in a figure and investigate statistical interpretation of given data set.


Prerequisites: Basics in windows and computers.

Cours : 20h


Compétences visées: 


By the end of this course, students should learn how to manipulate a spread sheet software. They will be able to create and format tables, execute mathematical manipulation of datasets and visualize this with appropriate figures.


Modalités d'évaluation: 


Session 1: 50%CC, 50%CT

Session 2: 100% CT


Nombres d'ECTS: 
Semestre(s) concerné(s): 
Semestre 2
Type d'UE: 
UE de cours